Top Features of Designer Briefs


Since the dawn of time, men’s underwear has set itself apart by having some very unique features. They offer different levels of support and tightness, while also being comfortable and using unique fabrics. When considering designer briefs, it is important to review the different features they offer to find the one that is right for you.

Waistbands on Designer Briefs

Before you buy anything, you need to check the waistband. All types of men’s underwear, with exception of the C-string, have a waistband. They come in different widths and can be encased, sewn in, sewn on, and so on. Usually, designers will also include their name and logo here.

The Fly on Designer Briefs

Since the very first jockey briefs were developed, the fly has become a common feature on men’s underwear. Today, however, it is incredibly rare because a functional fly simply isn’t necessary anymore. It used to be found on boxer briefs, boxers, and briefs. Some brands still have them in place, claiming that it allows men to have easier access to their manhood. Some designers have included a horizontal fly, which is even more accessible and, they say, comfortable.

The Inseam on Designer Briefs

The inseam tells you how the lower back of the underwear has been stitched. This provides comfort and breathing room. Essentially, it is what keeps all the parts together. However, lots of brands now replace inseams with fabric panels or gussets.

The Gusset on Designer Briefs

The gusset is usually a triangular or diamond shape piece of fabric incorporated inside the underwear to create a bit more space for the man’s private parts. It provides better movement and has ensured inseams could be shortened. Hence, it is more comfortable and form-fitting as well. Long inseams lead to bunching of fabric, which means the underwear has to be adjusted all the time.

The Back Seam on Designer Briefs

The back seam is more stitching that focuses on comfort. It allows the material to stretch without snapping and keeps those who spend a lot of time sitting down more comfortable. Not all brands have  back seams included, however.

The Fabric on Designer Briefs

Lots of different fabrics are available for men’s underwear. Treated cotton is very popular, but so are nylon blends, polyester, microfiber blends, and so on. A lot of designer briefs are made of eco-friendly, fair trade fabrics, including organza and bamboo, protecting the environment and the private parts at the same time.

The Pouches on Designer Briefs

Last but not least, men’s briefs often come with pouches in a variety of designs. Some don’t have a pouch at all, however, which is all down to the designer. Some are sheer, others are open, others still are somewhere in the middle. Pouches have no impact on comfort and support and are a personal preference design feature only.

These are just some of the things you should look into if you are in the market for new underwear. Remember that comfort should be your top concern.