Top Male Fashions you need to try in Autumn 2019

Let’s face it. Style is important. Whether you’re a man, woman or someone in-between, you want to feel good in the clothes that you wear. Everyone follows fashion trends to some extent. Even if you’re not all over the latest catwalk or constantly have your nose in a fashion magazine, you still may want to incorporate some of the latest trends into your style. Men should look as fantastic as a woman. So, don’t feel shy about showing off your latest style as the next season comes into play. Here are the top male fashions you need to try out to add some flair to your outfit.

Mismatched Jackets

One of the latest trends for the stylish working man is the idea of a mismatched jacket. This could be any textured jacket that incorporates either two colours or two types of fabric that have been stitched together. Whilst some people go for a bit more of an outrageous look, like stitching leather and denim jackets, others might go for a zipped cardigan that is black and camel. The best way to style these outfits is to keep the colours relatively neutral. That way it can match it with darker fabrics underneath. Wear one of these jackets and you will find that everyone will love your style. Whether it’s your partner or you have managed to book a professional Ilford escort.

 Large Trench Coats

Who doesn’t love trench coats? You’ve seen them in the Matrix and they are practically a staple of vintage British culture. However, unlike the previous grey or black trenchcoats, these coats vary in their proportions and material. You might find a trench coat with one long side and one short, another that is made of red leather or some that are made from waterproof material. The trick is to make them look relatively oversized to enhance the look of your shoulders and square proportions. Some even indulge in using neon tape to highlight the edges on the jacket and stand out from the original material.

Long Scarves

You’ve seen the long scarves that you see on Harry Potter? Well, the big, thick and warm scarfs are now becoming a big accessory for autumn fashion. These scarves are supposed to look oversized and some even hang down to the waist. It’s the perfect thing if you are looking for a way to keep warm. Just don’t forget to get one in either a vintage print or bright vivacious colours.

New Romantic

Have you seen some of the large puffy shirts that old victorian poets used to run around in? They were extremely light and allowed the wearers to not overheat. Well, that sort of style is coming back. With the floaty fabric, the large fabric arms, ruffles and silk fabric, it’s almost like the romantic gothic has come back with a vengeance and is now influencing men’s styles to look as old school as they can. if you are already dabbling in the vintage fashion trend, why not add a flair of the new romantic.

Velvet Suits

A favourite of Dolce & Gabbana at the moment is the “velvet suit.” Of course, velvet is a trend that’s still going strong nowadays, but why not take it to a whole new level by wearing a full velvet suit? Not only are they extremely comfortable but they are perfect for keeping warm during the colder months of the year. You can go for the normal dark fabrics, but why not take it to a whole new level by indulging in bright purple, blue and orange velvet. They’re guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.


What could be comfier than lounging around in a knitted outfit? Not only are they soft but they’re perfect for the colder months. Knitted outfits can come in a wide range of colours and can give you a truly relaxed look. It will give you the appearance of someone who isn’t trying too hard with their fashion but still wants to look good. If you want to jump on board with this trend, make sure to buy some cardigans or woolly shirts. You can even buy knitted neckties nowadays!

Get glammed up from Autumn

You deserve to look your best in any season. Everyone is unique and stands out from the crowd thanks to their fashion preferences. So, if you’re fancying a change of pace with your look, why not take some of the latest autumn fashion trends into question. You never know, you might find a look that sticks with you longer than autumn.