Top nail trends for 2017

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a bare nail in 2017 must be in want of a polish. But deciding on the right style and shade to suit your mood, personality and the occasion can be tricky, so check out wholesale nail polish and read below for our top nail trends in 2017.

Pretty in Pastels

Pastels are back in a big way this year and it’s not hard to see why: cute, unobtrusive, and oh so pretty, these subtly soft colours now come in a wider range than ever. So rather than picking just one, why not experiment with a statement nail in a different shade? Or create your own pastel rainbow with a different enchanting paint on each nail, a new twist on a girlie classic.

Colour Me Happy

Feeling inspired by the bright colours of the catwalk? Recreate the look at a fraction of the cost on your fingernails. The secret: pairing contrasting colours to create a strong look full of power and personality. Try a pale yellow with pillar box red, or for the truly adventurous, experiment with a clashing colour like fuchsia pink. Try nail striping tape to create bold lines and eye-catching shapes. With this trend, you can create a style statement that has everyday wearability.

Dare to be Bare

If you prefer a more natural nail, or have trouble growing your nails long, this is the trend for you. Pale colours produce a lengthening effect and create a fuss free appearance, creating an air of understated elegance. From creamy nudes to matte lattes, the natural look is always a flattering one. And, for those of you looking for something a little bit special and different, nude tones provide a fantastic base to get creative with a little nail art. Just grab a nail art pen and give it a go.

Well Gel

Gel nails are still hugely popular this year and for good reason. With polishes in every colour under the sun and a luxe high gloss finish that resists chipping, gel nails are a touch of luxury at an affordable price. Particularly prominent in pedicures, there’s no reason not to get a bit creative with your toes too, a contrasting colour on the fourth toe for example creates that personal touch of the fashion forward.

That’s a Wrap

For those of you loving the nail art trend but lacking the artistic flair to create the look yourself, why not try one of the nail wraps currently flooding the market? With intricate designs full of character and colour, they create a long lasting look that’s easy to apply at home. Mix and match the patterns or pair with your favourite lacquer for a unique and personalised style statement.

With such an array of options, there really is a look for every nail. There’s never been a better time to be bold and get creative. So go forth and enjoy that little extra lift and confidence that comes from knowing that your nails are right on trend.