3 Ways to Ease Allergies Away From the Medicine Cabinet

When you’re afflicted with puffy, watery eyes, your first instinct may be to reach for a bottle of antihistamines. While medications can restore your comfort, this is only a temporary solution. There are other things you can do to rid allergens in your active home or work environment and naturally reduce symptoms. Here are three ways to ease allergy symptoms without medication.

Try Some Diet Changes and Supplements That Target Allergies

Complement your healthy lifestyle with some extra supplements to combat allergies. These can be taken via capsule, herbal drops, or teas, and you won’t even have to visit a store specializing in vitamins to find what you need. Green tea, for example, is a natural antihistamine. If you’re struggling with allergies, replace a cup of coffee in the morning with some tea. Other less common herbal remedies include butterbur and licorice root. These can be taken as a supplement or prepared in tea.

Another approach is to add some extra ingredients to your diet. Spicy foods help clear your nasal passages. Add cayenne pepper or a hot salsa to your meal. You should notice your nose running slightly, which means the spiciness is working!

Take a Breath

Safely breathing in some steam is a good, natural way to clear your sinuses and nasal passages. Wake up with a hot shower, and take some deep breaths over a hot bowl of water throughout the day as needed. Other methods for clearing your nose including using a Neti pot; trying some saline spray or adding a couple drops of eucalyptus oil to your steam treatment.

Rid Your Home of Allergens

Image via Flickr by mikequozl

A healthy diet and essential supplements are important, but you can also fight allergies by deep cleaning your home and air filtration system. Also, remember that your home’s landscaping is important. Use low-allergy flowers, trees, and shrubs in your yard, and remember to clear the fall leaves from your yard and gutter to avoid issues with mold and mildew. Once you’ve considered the air around your property, take a closer look at what you’re breathing inside.

Your HVAC system pumps air throughout your house, so it’s important that you replace the filter each month and have a professional clean the parts annually to minimize the dust and allergy irritants that the unit collects. Yearly maintenance of the HVAC system should include a full cleaning by a qualified specialist. In addition to minimizing the allergens that are circulated throughout your home, this will ensure that your heating and air conditioning are operating at peak efficiency. Schedule these services before allergy season (which varies depending on your location and the allergens that affect you).

Fight Allergies Away From the Medicine Cabinet

There are many ways to address your allergy woes without consuming over-the-counter medication. Focusing on natural methods to improve your home and body is also a good way to minimize the severity and occurrence of allergy symptoms, which is ultimately better for your well-being. Follow these tips and breathe easier knowing that your overall health is in better shape.