5 Inspiring Ideas for the Ultimate Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui is a way of living that naturally harmonizes you with your environment, the way to achieve this in the home is by arranging your furniture and space in a particular way that eases the mind. Dismissed by many, this philosophical system has been proven time and again to relax those who adopt it and create a more peaceful existence in the home. If feng shui is something that interests you then the best place to start is in the bedroom, what better way to attack the day than after a peaceful sleep in harmonious surroundings. To help you out, here are 5 great ideas for adding some harmony to your bedroom using feng shui.


Cut the Technology

The first idea for you is to remove technology from your bedroom, TV’s, computers or even exercise equipment. Items like this kill any harmony that exists in the bedroom, not only do they produce harmful EMF pollution (elecromotive force,) but they also serve as a reminder of the stresses of life which above all should be left at the bedroom door. You may enjoy watching Netflix of an evening but if you want harmony then lose the tech in your bedroom.

The Bed

In order for your bed to act as a natural harmonizer there are some key rules that you need to have in place. The first is that the bed is easily approachable from both sides, this gives the space that your mind and body needs when sleeping. The second rule is to use natural color of bed sheets, the texture, odor and natural values that these offer help to relax you and make you feel more at one with the World. Finally, your bed should not be directly in line with the door, doing this reminds your body of leaving and entering the room thus preventing you from feeling comfortable in the space.


The key to a harmonious and comfortable bedroom is in your color choice and the best colors to elect for your bedroom are what is called ‘skin’ colors. Skin colors are whites, creams, beiges, browns, and light grey, these natural colors provide positive energy that aid restorative sleep and a peaceful bedroom.


If you are buying furniture online then you should also be searching for some healthy art to go with it,  art that reflects your ambitions. Art is a great way of producing feng shui and you should buy art with images of love, hope, tranquility or anything positive. Try to avoid art that looks too chaotic, keep it simple and blissful and it will add to the positivity that your room has to offer.


A well lit room is a great way of creating harmonious energy in your room, however, simply filling your room full of bulbs and false energy will not help. In the bedroom you should seek to use a multitude of lighting using natural light, candles, lamps and low level lighting. The blend of light will provide positive energy and help to transform your bedroom into a peaceful setting that will relax you and create a warm atmosphere.