5 Things You Should Never Do When Pulled Over By The Police



It has happened to nearly everyone at some point. They’re cruising down the highway, without a care in the world. Suddenly, flashing lights approach from behind. “They’re not looking at me, are they?!”, is the usual response. Then, it becomes much more apparent that they are the intended target. It causes panic. It causes distress. And, if the driver isn’t careful, it can cause further problems.

So, if you ever get pulled over by the police – relax! All you need to do is comply with their requests and act responsibly. Basically; don’t do any of the things we’re about to mention on this list.


Park Up In A Dangerous Location

You’d be amazed at how bizarre some people will act when the police are asking them to pull over. The temptation is to immediately park up on the side of the road. Are you going to do that on a busy highway where cars are constantly moving at high-speed? You need to make sure you find a safe place for both you and the officer. They’ll wait – it’s in their best interests, too.

Become Argumentative

It’s easy to get on the defensive when a police officer is questioning you. It’s even easier to get on the defensive when they come to a decision that you don’t like. Resist the urge to become argumentative and let your emotions get the better of you. Have you received what you believe to be false breath test results, for example? State your concern, but don’t start throwing abuse around. Wait until you can hire a DWI lawyer who can fight your case for you. Saying the wrong thing could ruin your chances altogether.

Reach For Something

You might think you’re doing the police officer a job by reaching for your driving license, but you’re not. Think of it from the officer’s point of view. How do they know that you aren’t reaching for a gun or another type of weapon you can use against them? Any deliberate movements are very suspicious on their part, and they’ll make sure you know about it. Don’t reach for anything unless asked to do so.



There are many reasons why you shouldn’t lie to a police officer. If you’re not in the wrong, but you continue to lie, you might just lose a future case. And, if you know you’ve done wrong, lying can make things a whole lot worse. In the case of any incident, fessing up and apologizing is the much better option. You might or might not come away with severe penalties, but it’s a better alternative to being exposed as a liar later on.

Drive Off In An Emotional State

The first thing you’ll want to do after a confrontation with the police is to get the heck outta’ there. But, if you’re in an distressed emotional state, resist the temptation. Wait until you feel mentally able to merge back into traffic and carry out your driving duties. You don’t want to find yourself in an accident because of your unstable condition.