6 Reasons Why More Dudes Should Do Yoga!


There is a common misconception that practising yoga is only done by women and men who are looking to pick up said women. Fortunately times are beginning to change as more and more men realize the significant benefits that yoga can have on their lives, in case you were wondering what they are then read on to discover why more men should be getting involved in yoga.

Improved Flexibility

Yoga classes involve slow and sustained stretching of muscles, performing yoga for just a few short weeks will give you added flexibility as your muscles become more elastic and more stretched. Added flexibility can give you a little more spring in your step and help you in all areas of your life.

Body Sculpting

Yoga is a great way of sculpting your body through it’s series of long stretching and strengthening exercises that use your body’s own weight. Yoga works out both large muscles groups and more importantly smaller muscle groups which is vital in giving your body and your muscles great definition.

Boost Sexual Performance

Most guys would love to improve their sexual performance and that is just one more reason why you should take part in Yoga. Yoga not only adds flexibility to your sex game but the way that the exercise manipulates muscles and improves respiration ability means that you will be able to last far longer in bed and give your partner an even more pleasurable experience.

Reduce Stress

Yoga doesn’t just work out your muscles, it is a mind and body form of exercise that encourages slow, deep breathing, relaxation and meditation, the perfect combination to reduce your stress levels. If you feel that you are under any kind of pressure or stress then yoga is perfect for you to rid yourself of the strains of daily life.

Improve Your Breathing

Breathing alone can have a profound impact on your overall health and wellbeing, deep breathing exercises have been known to reduce levels of anxiety, stress and depression and in yoga you will find the perfect respiration exercises. Deep breathing is a key component to yoga and it is in this deep breathing that both your body and mind becomes more relaxed. The range of breathing exercises varies from utilizing the nostrils to using your ability to concentrate solely on one part of the body. These types of exercises enhance your awareness of your body as well and deep breathing techniques will aid you and your body in an incredible way.

Increase Energy Levels

Any form of exercise will increase energy levels as the feel-good chemicals such as adrenaline and dopamine pump through your body. Yoga takes this a step further as it doesn’t just increase the chemical output from your brain but also I’m,proves the condition of every part of your body. Within just a few weeks of starting yoga you will see and feel far more energy in your daily lives from noon until night, a perfect reason to take up this fantastic exercise.