7 Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Dull Life Now!


Down in the doldrums? Many of us have found ourselves bored and at a loss for things to do at times but with so much going on, like concerts, sporting events, parties and wild nights on the town with friends, there’s no reason why you should be sitting at home on your own. What follows are seven ways to say goodbye to your dull life right now!

  1. Try Something New

It doesn’t matter what it is, there’s always something new to try. Haven’t been to an art gallery since a school excursion all those years ago? There are some wonderful galleries and museums to visit, most of which are free! There’s always something going on that you could be doing – try something new!

  1. Move to a New Area/Find a New Job

Bored where you are? Sometimes what’s needed most is a change of scenery – at home or at work!

  1. Go Out on the Town

Even if you’re not heading to a concert or an organised event, any night of the week is a great night to go out on the town in Perth and www.bustamove.com.au is the ideal website to arrange a party bus for you and your mates to get there in style.

  1. Sign Up for Event News

Tired of finding out how great that gig was the day after it blew everyone’s minds? If you don’t want to miss out on your favourite events, sign up for event news and you’ll never have an excuse for sitting at home on the weekend again.

  1. Catch a Later Bus or Train

If you recognise most of your fellow passengers on the way home from work on the bus or train, perhaps it’s time to catch a later one and have a few drinks after work once a week. Even one quick drink and a chat with mates after you’ve finished can provide a welcome change from the daily routine.

  1. Organise an Outing with Friends

From the wonderful wineries of the beautiful Swan Valley to the gorgeous beaches that we’re blessed with so many of in and around the City of Perth, you have many options to consider when organising an outing with friends. A party bus is perfect for Perth day escapes, so wherever you’re looking at going you’ll be sure to enjoy the journey just as much (if not more) than the destination.

  1. Never Look Back

Once you’ve rediscovered just how much fun life can be, there’s one final thing that you must do and that’s never look back. Look to the future and the fun things that you’re going to spend your time doing and don’t allow yourself to slip back into those tired old patterns that would see you feel down and dull.

So, there you have it – seven ways to say goodbye to your dull life now! If you’re not inspired to do something new, or something you haven’t done for some time but know you should have, then you’ll only have yourself to blame for the dull life you’ve chosen to lead!