Apria Healthcare – Why People Are Resistant to Using Mobility Aids

Mobility aids from the the likes of Apria Healthcare help people all over the country in ensuring that their lives are made easier. There is an enormous range of options and gadgets which can help to achieve this, which can help with a wide range of mobility problems. With this being said however, there are still a huge number people who are resistant to investing in these kinds of aids, despite how much it will improve their lives.

There are a number of reasons why people are resistant when it comes to mobility aids, and these are the common problems which people have.

Misconceptions About Price

If you ask a lot of people they will tell you that these aids are simply too expensive for them, and that this is why they won’t bring aids into the home. It is true that some larger pieces of kit such as a stairlift or a walk-in bath can be expensive, but many of the aids really aren’t pricy at all. In fact there is a huge range of reasonably priced aids which can have a profound effect on improving life at home.

In Denial

Sadly there are also many people who are in fact in denial about their mobility restrictions. These people think that they just don’t need the range of aids which are available, despite knowing deep down that they can help out a great deal. These are people who run the risk of injury and who are running the risk of worsening their situation. This is an important point with regards to mobility in fact, and aids are not just there to help in the now. Many people who have slight issues with mobility can in fact prevent any worsening of their problems if they invest in some aids to lighten the load at home.

Too Proud

Sadly there are also a number of people who are simply too proud to take help in this way. Often we find that the older generation are much more stoic in their outlook and that is why they will resist this kind of help and support at home. If you have a family member or friend who is like this then it is important that you try to convince them that aids can be helpful. Pride is a nice thing to have, but when it directly impacts your way of life, it really isn’t something that is going to do any favors.


Sadly there is still a stigma associated with using aids, especially those who use mobility scooters. The reality however is that this often exists within people’s minds, rather than in reality. When it comes to mobility issues, anyone could suffer them for any number of reasons. This again is why it is critical that anyone who is struggling reaches out and gets support, by way of mobility aids.

These are handy tools which do help to improve life.