Best Methods for Preventing Tonsil Infections from Forming


Out of all the ear, nose and throat infections, tonsil infections can often feel like the worst. They make talking, eating and other basic everyday things more difficult, they almost always put you in a bad mood and they can be extremely painful!

To put it bluntly, they really suck and are definitely something you want to avoid. In this post that is exactly what I am going to show you so make sure to keep reading.

Maintain Good Oral Health

So this one should be pretty obvious. In order to prevent any oral infection you need to be taking good care of your teeth, gums and tonsils. If you don’t you’ll be leaving yourself vulnerable to the activity of bad bacteria and other harmful organisms.

To put up a good fight against these I recommend brushing and flossing your teeth at least 3 times per day, ideally 4 although it can be difficult to fit this into your day. This ensures that the small spaces around your teeth and gums are cleared out of bacteria and debris so that infections are not caused.

Not only that but your toothpaste will incorporate healthy probiotics into your mouth as well which will make fighting off these infectious organisms even easier.

Gargling Mouthwash

This method falls under the same point as above but it’s extremely helpful so I figured it needed a paragraph of its own.

If you want to ensure a 100% clear out of harmful bacteria in your mouth (or as close to that as possible – I’m guaranteeing anything here) then you’ll want to supplement your brushing/flossing routine with a mouthwash. This doesn’t have to be a commercially sold mouthwash, a natural, homemade one can be absolutely fine.

In fact they could be even better. In most cases, store-bought mouthwash’s only purpose is to only kill off the bacteria in your mouth and nothing much else. If you compare to this to a natural remedy like apple cider vinegar then you may not be getting full value for your money.

Apple cider vinegar has become to be thought of as a super food of late thanks to its many medicinal properties, which include the ability to fight off viruses and fungus, reduce inflammation and kill off bacteria (although not quite as effectively as a store-bought mouthwash).

This means it can be considered to be better to gargle on a daily basis than a regular mouthwash. This is of course for you to decide, just make sure you are gargling at least one of them.

Drink Enough Water

So that your saliva can efficiently control the activity of harmful bacteria in your mouth, you need to be drinking enough water each day. If you don’t then your salvias ability to do this will reduced which makes infection all the more likely – in and around your gums as well as your tonsils.

The exact amount that you need to drink will vary from person to person. In order to get an accurate measurement you need to take things like height, weight, activity level and diet into consideration. If you don’t then you could be drinking either too much or too little each day.

There are plenty of online calculators that do this for you so just hop on google and have a look.

Final Words

Having read through that, you know how to prevent tonsil stones, tonsillitis and other tonsil/oral infections should become much easier for you. They can be extremely annoying and frustrating so please take the effort needed to apply the steps I have talked about to your daily life.