Can Healing Hypnosis Help You Release Pain?


Are you holding onto pain that you’re ready to let go? Learn abut how healing hypnosis works and decide for yourself whether it might be right for you.

Dealing with pain is different for everyone.

Some people can brush things off as if nothing ever happened. Others need more time to heal, either on their own or by leaning on close friends and family. This is true for physical and emotional pain.

Still, there are certain cases in which the difficulties we encounter in life don’t go away. Pain can easily bottle up and over time it may seem like there’s no escaping it. That is until you try a new approach to healing – like healing hypnosis!

Hypnosis can do more for your mind and body than you may expect. All it takes is a genuine willingness to try this out and receive the benefits available.

The following is a closer look at the ins and outs of hypnosis for healing, and how it can guide you to a level of pain relief you may have given up on.

What Is Healing Hypnosis?

More often than not, pain is a construct of the mind.

We as humans tend to overthink the emotional experiences we go through. We make more of a situation than it actually is, creating stories about how others have hurt us or how we’ve let ourselves down.

In a similar way, when we experience real physical pain, we play it up. We feel the stimulation of sore muscles or bleeding or aching in a more intense manner than they are actually happening. Even after treating the initial problem, we complain during the healing process.

Healing hypnosis helps quiet all this chatter.

It takes the mind to a deep, subconscious level that most forms of hypnosis just can’t – or wish to not – access. Here, the true self is readily available to our complicated, busy minds. It is in this quiet where we can come to understand the root of our pain and let it go.

But, the best way to reach this part of ourselves is with the guidance of a healing hypnosis expert. Attempting such an inner journey alone can result in a lackluster experience, or even a potentially dangerous one.

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Working Through Emotional Trauma

What happens once you get in contact with someone who understands the power of healing hypnosis? The work is not easy, especially when it deals with emotional trauma.

There’s a reason emotional pain takes up so much of our mental energy. We go around and around working through what if’s and endless possibilities. We try to convince ourselves we’re trying to get closure or find the motive behind our pain.

In reality, we’re avoiding the real pain — it’s not something anyone enjoys feeling, after all!

Hypnosis helps us deal with this emotion. It creates a quiet, safe space in the inner workings of the mind where we can better understand pains like heartache, childhood trauma, the death of a loved one, and more.

Dealing with Physical Pain

Sometimes, there’s no need to try and understand “why” we experience a certain pain, like in the physical sense. All you have to do is look down and see the injury you’ve caused yourself.

Of course, physical pains range in severity. Some are fixable with a band-aid and some lotion, while others will need stitches, cast(s), or surgery. Still, the mind is making these pains more than what they actually are.

As you’re working with medical professionals to assess and treat your pain, contact a hypnotist, too. This person can fill in the blanks that doctors just can’t access.

Again, it’s all about reaching a quiet place in the mind. There, you won’t be reminding yourself how much your broken bone hurts or how deep a cut is. You won’t be worrying about an upcoming surgery or thinking about the recovery process.

Instead, you’ll be at peace with yourself. You will come to better accept the state your body is in by making your mind more resilient. This goes for short-term injuries and life-changing accidents, too.

Accessing the Higher Self

There’s one more benefit hypnosis for healing offers: access to the Higher Self. The Higher Self is something most people never come to know in their lifetime.

Well, in this lifetime. You see, the Higher Self is the understanding of all the lives you’ve lived. It is the all-knowing part of who you are. This is where the mind goes when it enters a state of hypnosis.

In truth, a healing hypnotist is bringing you closer to your true self. This is a being that is free of suffering and pain. It doesn’t hold on to emotions – good or bad; it doesn’t latch on to physical pain, either.

Rather, the Higher Self is a peaceful, wise energy. It knows you better than you know yourself, and it can guide you to a sense of relief better than you can even imagine. The trick is to venture towards it and welcome its presence more and more in your daily life.

The Higher Self becomes accessible through hypnotism, but it takes time and practice to maintain. After all, life gets pretty crazy. Between building your career, dating and socializing, and working on personal interests, it’s easy to put your higher self on the back burner.

When you come to know this part of yourself, though, when you really feel it, you realize it’s part of everything you do. Your Higher Self is waiting on the other side of emotional and physical pain, and it’s with you on every step you take in life.

Know Thyself, and Change Your Life

Often, people try hypnosis for one reason and end up finding it opens their perspective in many aspects of life. This is the Higher Self at work, which can help you better understand the path you’re on.

This may be in terms of love and relationships, finances, or your career as a whole. Such subjects are pretty complex, and you may need a little more guidance than just what your intuitive being tells you.

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