Cannabis Smokes can be a Nice Solo Experience

There’s not much that’s better than a good smoke – this is pretty much a scientific fact. But for a long time, you had to specify what kind of smoke you were talking about, based on whatever audience you happened to be talking to.

Sure, nicotine smokers will agree that it’s certainly nice and relaxing to sit and enjoy a cigarette or two with friends. Cigar and tobacco pipe smokers will concur that there’s a great feeling involved in savoring the smoking experience especially as you watch the fragrant smoke billow and swirl as you exhale.

But until recently, you had to be careful if you included your love of cannabis smokes in this sort of conversation. Even though puffing on a joint is pretty much the ultimate form of relaxation, you never knew if your statement would offend anti-pot people in your company or attract the attention of local authorities.

These days, due to the newly-approved legalization of cannabis in California, it’s much easier for adults to have any kind of smokes they choose. Cannabis smokes can be a nice solo experience or you can get together and everyone can smoke their own or perhaps pass around a shared joint.

The legalization of cannabis has also increased the availability of quality products. Instead of trying to roll your own cannabis smokes, which sometimes can get messy or have inaccurate amounts, companies like Lowell Herb Co. are happy to offer consumers pre-rolled joints.

These pre-rolls are nice to look at, easy to store and easy to bring out when friends or family drop by. Each one offers a measured dosage of a specific type of strain, so you never have to worry about either nothing happening or being overwhelmed by something extra potent like when you smoked mystery weed in the past.

Fans of good smokes can choose from sativa, indica and hybrid varieties of Lowell’s farm-fresh sun-grown flower. All of our flower is lab-tested and certified synthetic pesticide-free, so you never have to worry about smoking any extra harmful ingredients.

We also always use organic fertilizers and all-natural materials from seed to sale, providing a superior experience for every smoker every time.

Though improved legal access and availability to cannabis means more people are learning about different methods of partaking, from edibles to tinctures to topical lotions, there’s still no substitute for a good smoke.

Smoking is a great and dependable way to inhale your cannabis and feel it working through your body providing a nice body and mind high depending on what you’re smoking. Longtime users always enjoy every smoking experience and often recall past smoke sessions with their friends, while newer users also look forward to forming new memories with friends.

Lowell pre-rolls and products can be found at more than 350 cannabis retailers state-wide. Or, if your travels happen to take you to West Hollywood, be sure to drop by the Lowell Café.

This business venture is the country’s first legal cannabis café, where you can enjoy farm-fresh food created by famous chef Andrea Drummer, plus tasty coffee, juice and quality cannabis. It’s a place to enjoy a good smokes and good company with friends and fellow smoke enthusiasts.

The unique location also is a good place to learn about and try other strains to see what you enjoy the most.