Chairs For Stairs – And Other Age Defying Home Upgrades


Are you friends with an elderly person who may be needing more and more assistance as they age and you are considering helping them transition into a seniors residence? What if it isn’t what they want? Why not consider doing upgrades to their current home to help them maximise their independence? Some upgrades can be done by yourself, while others may need to get someone qualified to come and help. Read ahead for some easy upgrades to the home to make it safe for seniors.

Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are one of the best ways to allow an ageing friend or relative the comfort and stability of remaining in their own home as well as maximise their independence. Ageing means that we can sometimes no longer access parts of our homes that we were once able to, such as upper bedrooms. As a result, we may be forced to sleep on the couches or move beds into living spaces which can be awkward and upsetting. The addition of stairlifts can prolong independence and comfort and help them to go on living in the same home they always have for much longer than they would be able to if they didn’t have a stairlift.

Alternate Flooring Options

If your friend or relative is struggling with types of flooring, there are a number of options. You can have anti-slip decals installed on the existing hardwood or it may be more useful to have carpet installed throughout. Carpet has its own challenges for ageing populations – a carpet too thick can pose a tripping hazard for those who shuffle their feet due to reduced mobility. It can be beneficial to look into the various options available and decide amongst you which will be best in order to prolong independence in the home. It’s a great opportunity as well to take the opportunity to upgrade the home as well in the event it could do with a general overhaul.

Railings and Supports

There are literally dozens of types of supports and railings on the market today that can help provide safety and security in places where there formerly were no security measures in place. Along walls like long stretches of hallway, in the bathroom, shower, bath and even near the bed for added assurances in the night or for getting into and out of bed. Many companies can come and install supports and railings that are drilled into the tiles of the bathroom and the like or there are a number of suction cup types on the market as well that require no installation whatsoever aside from choosing a place to set it up.

There you have a couple of great, easy ways to look into prolonging independence in the home of an ageing family member or friend. Ageing can be an intimidating prospect for some, so by helping to keep them comfortable in their own home for longer can really help ease the transition into older age.