Five Ways You Could Reduce the Number of Headaches You Suffer From

Having a headache is one of those things that can really mess with your day and your plans. It can leave you feeling sluggish, miserable and, of course, in pain. While dealing with a headache from time to time may not seem like a big deal, for many people, headaches are more of a regular occurrence that can have a pretty big impact on their life.

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If you suffer from headaches on a fairly regular basis, there are steps you can take that can help reduce the number you get and the severity of them. These steps can help you to enjoy your life without feeling like a headache is holding you back. So, let’s take a closer look.

It May Be Time for a New Pillow

When you get a headache, it’s normal to search for the “why”, i.e. why do you have this headache? Did you know that the way you sleep could actually be causing your headaches? If you constantly wake up with a sore neck and/or a headache, there is a good chance your pillow could be to blame. Even if your pillow isn’t old, it could still be causing the headache simply because you aren’t using the ideal pillow for your needs.

In terms of what pillow to pick, you may want to give memory foam a try. Memory foam is known for offering an incredible amount of support for your neck and head, plus you can find pillows that also feature cool-tech so the pillow stays cool. The GhostPillow memory foam pillow is a great example of memory foam technology that is ergonomically engineered.

Learn Your Triggers

It’s also a good idea to start keeping track of the headaches you get and what you did, ate, or drank immediately before a headache developed. This is how you will learn your triggers. Once you learn your triggers, you can then do your best to avoid them.

Some of the most common triggers include dehydration, alcohol, stress, not eating frequently, eye strain, hormones, not enough sleep, too much sleep, too much caffeine, smoking, and a sensory overload.

Be Aware of Your Posture

Did you know that you could also be giving yourself headaches due to poor posture? Try to pay attention to how you sit, walk, and stand. Are you using proper posture? If not, you will be putting extra strain on your neck, shoulders, and back, which can result in a headache.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

Exercise is another great prevention tip, but you need to be sure you are doing it on a regular basis. It is recommended that you engage in physical activity for at least 30 minutes per day, five times a week. This will help to stretch out your muscles and prevent them from getting too tight. You can also focus on exercises that target your neck, shoulders, and jaw.

Make Sure You Drink Plenty of Water

As noted, dehydration is a big trigger for people and the best way to avoid this is to drink enough water each and every day. That may mean you need to keep track of how much you have drunk through the day, at least until it becomes a habit.

All of these tips will help you to cut back on the number of headaches you are suffering from, and at the very least, help with the severity of them.