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Anadrol is the name of the commercially available product, but do you know that it has a generic name too by which it is known everywhere? The chemical name for the compound is Oxymetholone and is found in many online website or local pharmacies under this generic name. Therefore the next time when you visit the nearest local nutritional store in search of Anadrol, do not get confused looking at the name of Oxymetholone as it is the same product. When you are buying Anadrol pills from anywhere in this world, the most standardised and generalised tablet strength that you will find in wide sale is 50 mg. Have you ever thought, why only this dose strength is so popular? This is because it is easier for most of the first time users to administer this particular strength of Anadrol, since 50 mg is enough to produce visible changes in the body within a few weeks. Beginners do not have much idea about the administration and regulation of dosage cycle for different dietary supplementation products, and thus it is better to keep the dose strengths within safe range.

What is the function of Anadrol 50 mg tablets?

Anadrol is a medically important dietary medication that is often prescribed by doctors for patients suffering from a lower count of red blood cells, mostly anemic patients. Anadrol has this amazing property of raising the level of RBC in the bone marrow and thus helping in overcoming serious blood related disorders. For people residing in India or China, it is difficult for them to get access to real forms of Anadrol capsules. It is tricky to find out Oxymetholone 50 price in delhi but for that, you can log on to the official website of Anadrol sale and get to know about the price range in various parts of the world.


Anadrol has proved to be very effective in giving you positive results in body building, since it helps in producing higher amount of red blood cells which comes in handy when you have to build tough and toned muscles rapidly. Good circulation of oxygenated blood through the muscle tissues helps in supplying them with adequate amount of oxygen that will help in repairing and rejuvenating damaged tissues, often happens due to strenuous physical workout schedules.

How to regulate Anadrol cycle for body bulking?

The 50 mg strength of Anadrol is very important and must be regulated under the guidelines of a nutritional expert. It is recommended that users should not administer the cycle for more than what is suggested in order to get enhanced results, as most of the time it ends up giving you higher percentage of negative results.

The standard recommended Anadrol cycle lasts for around 3 months (12 weeks). If you want to know Oxymetholone 50 price in delhi, then you need to go through the list of authentic price ranges as given on online websites for users who are buying it for the first time.