Glo, Yoga at Home and on the Road

Glo meditation app offers meditation and yoga anytime, anywhere in a journey to become stronger on the journey to self-discovery. Unsure about attempting unknown poses during an in-person group class? Uncomfortable with your body? Having difficulty fitting in a group class with your crazy schedule? With Glo, these concerns float away, as you can experience yoga from the comfort of your home and office. It may be difficult to put aside 6o minutes for a traditional class, however, with ten minutes between clients or with an hour before the kids get home from school, there is a yoga session at hand. Make the decision to make the journey with Glo.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga involves body alignment, balance and breathe and, while started as a spiritual practice, lacking fitness as one of the primary goals, but now focuses on physical and emotional wellbeing. An important aspect of yoga continues to be the mental facet. Participation in yoga provides many benefits for both the mind and body. Mentally, yoga can increase attention and focus, intensify positive mood, and calm the nervous system. Participation in yoga creates a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging transfers even in participation in these types of classes in the home. Benefits include cardiovascular and stress-relieving benefits, increased flexibility, weight reduction, increased muscle strength and tone, improved energy and vitality and improved athletic performance.

Yoga Sessions

Glo includes a variety of Yoga styles including Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Iyengar, and Yin. These sessions range from 5 minutes to 90 minutes long. With easy access available on multiple devices, it is easy for both beginners and experts alike to experience something new with Glo. The diversity can inspire stay-at-home moms, fitness professionals, and weary travelers alike.

The meditation app is easily navigated, clearly outlining the program levels that are available. For beginners, there are introductory classes developed for varied levels of fitness and life goals and are available to lay a strong foundation for further practice. Glo helps you to create an individualized yoga program to make the journey less intimidating.

For those more experienced with Yoga, Glo provides classes and programs that are increasingly complex and varied. Tryout a new style or continue to cultivate your preferred style of Yoga. Glo offers the opportunity to mix and match classes to build your pathway to your own, personalized goals.

The teachers on Glo are as diverse as the offerings. All experienced and certified, these teachers offer a variety of different focuses and outlooks and varied personalities that can guide beginners and more experienced participants on his or her personal journey.

Beyond Yoga

Although yoga is a foundation of Glo, there are over 3000 video offerings on the platform that includes Pilates and meditation. The Glo meditation app includes offerings focused on a variety of mental techniques, including the use of mantras, visualization, mindfulness and breathing. Explore the possibilities with Glo’s audio and visual meditations. Pilates is known for its core-strengthening, toning benefits, and Glo offers multiple lessons for those interested in learning and furthering in Pilates practice.


With a monthly fee, Glo meditation app provides unlimited access to all of its classes and programs. Offerings are updated consistently to provide refreshing options of yoga, Pilates and meditation. Accessible via and computer or mobile devise, Glo is available whenever and wherever you want. The flexibility allows you freedom to workout during work breaks, while on vacation, or in the park. Glo can help beginners, intermediate and advanced users to reach their goals.