Hair Color That Does Not Fade

There is no better feeling than when you walk out of that salon with vibrant, shiny, and perfect hair color. But honestly, if you don’t take care of that hair color yourself, you will end up with a dull look in weeks. Your beautiful hair will fade away, and instantly find yourself back in the salon with another budget.

Whether you color hair at home¬†or pay an expert, whether you use a semi-permanent or permanent color, you will always wish for hair color that doesn’t fade. The following tips will help you maintain your vibrant, shiny, and beautiful hair color.

Five Tips to Ensure Your Hair Color Doesn’t Fade

  1. Prepare To Color

Mostly, experts will tell you about what to do after you have colored your hair. It is of equal importance to understand how to prepare for the same to have the best results. The truth is healthy hair holds color longer than unhealthy hair. For that reason, you should always learn to keep your hair healthy.

According to Madison Reed’s hair coloring methods, you should take a test to understand your hair condition and anticipate the best formula. Also, wash your hair 24hours before coloring.

Take every measure to ensure your hair is moist, healthy, and damage-free before coloring session.

  1. Avoid Shampooing

Most people are concerned about how long they should wait before they shampoo after coloring their hair. Well, here is the answer, “avoid shampooing as long as you can.” Every time you wash your hair with hot water and shampoo, the hair relaxes, and so does the hair dye molecules. Hence the color can be easily washed out.

That is why you will always lose some color every time you wash your hair. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid shampooing regularly. You can schedule your washing to ensure your hair color lasts until the next planned hair coloring session.

  1. Best Shampoo Choice

Shampoos are manufactured differently. There are harsh ones that will wash away your hair color very quickly. Therefore, you’re advised to go for gentle, soft, and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that are color-friendly. These include Madison Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioners.

Sulfate helps the shampoo to lather, but it is harsh on the hair color. Therefore, if you need your hair color to last, read the shampoo label to ensure you’re on the safe choice.

Now that you know that frequent shampooing and hair washing removes hair color, why not skip wash whenever possible?

  1. Keep Your Hair Away From Heat

It’s vital you understand that coloring hair also weakens the same. During the coloring session, the hair protective cuticle layer is stripped away, leaving it more vulnerable to drying out in the heat, especially from heating devices like a blow dryer.

Hair color will last longer on moisturized hair than dry hair. Therefore, in case you have to use these heating devices, you must use a heat-protective spray before blow-drying or heat styling.

  1. Avoid Sun and Swimming Pools

You might think that water is the problem, but it is not. It is the chlorine chemical in the swimming pool. When this chlorine comes in contact with the sun’s rays, it fades all colors as fast as possible. Hair color is not an exception. Therefore, avoid swimming pools as long as you can if you want to maintain hair color.

In case you have no option and have to get into the pool, get yourself a fabulous swimming cap to protect your hair from the chlorine in the water and the sun. Also, strengthening conditioners and UV protection sprays would help protect your hair.