How False Eyelashes And Lash Extensions Have Become An Everyday Accessory

Celebrities sporting dense eyelashes have always been in fashion, but now fake eyelashes have progressed from a special-occasion accessory to a must-have, daily beauty item.

With demand soaring, the market for fake lashes is expanding and is expected to reach more than $1.5 billion by 2025 in product purchasing alone.

We asked a London salon owner and makeup artist about her thriving industry as well as the various kinds of eyelashes on the market.

Janette Vince in London specializes in eyelash extensions, rather than false lashes. She started Designer Lashes London, an eyelash-extension specialized salon in Central London more than a decade ago.

“I just couldn’t find anywhere In London that was doing eyelash extensions that looked natural and didn’t damage the lashes,” she recalls. “I saw a gap in the market.”

“One big thing is customization,” she says. “We take a different approach to bring out and enhance the natural beauty that every woman possesses.”

When a customer is getting eyelash extensions done, the style is chosen first, followed by the material, Janette said.

Synthetic lashes are considered a good choice for beginners. Hollow, feather lashes are recommended for being light and weightless. Mink lashes, Janette said, are also very popular.

“We have a lot of models as clients, who shoot all over the world, and they’ll use the mink lash because the photoshoot that they’re doing that day may not call for any makeup at all. And so, the mink really looks like it’s your own natural lashes,” she said.

The lash extension process takes less than two hours and costs between £120 and £250.

The Eyelash Industry Is Booming

If you are a lash student or artist who is contemplating opening up a shop, you may naturally be questioning if the lash business will continue to take off, or if it fashion will change and you will be left without clients.

Fortunately, when it comes to if the eyelash extension industry is flourishing, “all signs point to yes.”

Thanks to the facility to customise a look for each client, many eyelash companies and lashpreneurs can stock a variety of styles of eyelashes. The procedure has become so common, that many people feel like it’s going to the hairdresser — in other words, a regular appointment that women (and some men) fit into their everyday lives.

A Picture Of A Lashpreneur

Research on the industry found that 75 percent of eyelash artists earn up to £40,000 a year, and 25 percent have remained in the sector for five or more years. A whopping 80 percent of lash professionals who responded to the survey answered that they are either satisfied or very satisfied with their chosen careers, and 60 percent are making the income they predicted.

Almost 50 percent of the respondents apply 11 or more sets of eyelashes each week and 42 percent charge between £50 and £120 for a full set of lashes. While they also report some difficulties like how to attract new clients and managing their customers’ aftercare, the overall work experience is very positive and profitable.

Eyelash Care

According to research, eyelash care is taking the market by storm. The number of professional eyelash care services grew by 14 percent in 2017, with a sales increase of 15 percent in the second quarter of that year. Experts predict the eyelash care market will continue to experience this type of substantial growth.

Forecasted Growth

If you are interested in this booming trend in the eyelash industry will continue over the next few years, research indicates that this is the case. Market Research Future published a Market Research Report that looks at the industry as a whole, including products, and offers encouraging statistics pertaining to the rate at which it is growing. Looking at worldwide data, North America was projected to have the maximum market share of 36.78 percent, with the production of hand-made eyelashes expected to experience the fastest growth rate between now and 2023.

Eyelash Beauty Enhancement Is A Healthy And Thriving Industry

If you are someone who is considering entering the exciting field of lash extension or false lashes work, it is highly reassuring to know that your chosen line of business is booming, with no indication of slowing down. To be as informed as possible, it is important to stay abreast of current research and trends. Also, find a lash class near you to get started in the lash industry and ride the wave of success in your new career — check out beauty workshops for information on lash certification.