How Lowell Farms is Setting the Scene for Cannabis Prerolls and Cafes

When marijuana became legalized in California, Lowell Farms was among the first businesses to start growing cannabis. Yet they didn’t want to provide prerolls that their customers could get anywhere. They wanted to show their customers that cannabis could be just as elevated as anything else. When you buy a cannabis preroll from Lowell Farms, you know that you’re receiving quality. Check out some information about prerolls from Lowell Farms as well as their brand new Cannabis Cafe.


One standard that sets Lowell Farms apart from its competitors is the organic farming of their cannabis prerolls. The plant is grown in safe and lush fertilizer that doesn’t utilize pesticides. When customers smoke, vape, or eat the cannabis from Lowell Farms, they know that they’re consuming a clean and organic product. The last thing you would want is to intake pesticides placed into cannabis during its growth.

Because of its emphasis on providing all-natural and organic prerolls, Lowell Farms has set the gold standard for what cannabis can be.

Easy To Order

They also make ordering your cannabis prerolls easier than ever. Whether you want to visit your local dispensary for your products or order online, Lowell Farms offers both options. You can find exactly the kind of smoke or cannabis product that you desire from their online store. It all comes in organic material for packing, too. With an emphasis placed on protecting the environment, you can reduce your own carbon footprint and do your part in protecting the environment.


Finally, Lowell Farms is a beloved client for many celebrities. Even the famous Miguel praised Lowell Farms for providing excellent and high-quality prerolls to his wedding. With a finger on the pulse of all things high-quality and organic, celebrities know where to go to receive all-natural and delicious smokes and other cannabis products.

The Cafe

As if providing incredible products wasn’t enough, Lowell Farms is also about to open their very first cannabis cafe. It’s the first cannabis cafe to ever exist. Since the law can sometimes be a little vague on what can and can’t be sold in regards to cannabis, Lowell Farms has managed to bridge both worlds of smokers and non-smokers with their unique and first-of-its-kind cannabis cafe.

Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe is a three-part restaurant. Those who choose to dine at the cafe are not allowed to eat food or drink beverages that are laced with cannabis. However, the cafe does allow two different locations for restaurant-goers to smoke, vape, or consume edibles while enjoying a delicious meal.

The third part of the restaurant is designed for non-smokers who simply want to enjoy their food and beverages without indulging in cannabis. Lowell Farms has carefully worked within the law to provide a dining experience for cannabis users and lovers with a model that many others are sure to follow.

The cafe itself is a cool area that depicts some of the best Hollywood homages and aesthetics. Whether you enjoy cannabis or not, you’re sure to enjoy dining at the restaurant. The food alone has been crafted by the world-famous chef, Andrea Drummer. She’s no stranger to crafting delicious meals infused with cannabis.

Whether you want to try out Drummer’s food, enjoy a delicious meal, or have a relaxing atmosphere to smoke, vape, or eat your edibles, then you should check out Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe as soon as possible. However, you can expect to be put on a waiting list. Its initial first 30 days have been completely booked.

While you’re waiting for your seat, you can still order their products online.