How to Create an Inspirational Meditation Space

Meditation is most effective when you practice regularly, and a great way to incorporate meditation into your daily routine is creating an inspirational meditation space inside your home. With a clean, healthy, and inspiring meditation space already set up, you’ll begin to look forward to your next session. You’ll have an accessible and nurturing space, and you’ll quickly become more in tune with your own thoughts and needs. Whether you’re using a whole room or just a quiet corner, be sure to keep it clean and manage the air quality so you can feel at peace while focusing on your breathing.

Carve Out Space for Yourself

Find a spot in your house where you can sit by yourself for a while, preferably somewhere quiet and with little foot traffic. Arrange your space so you can sit comfortably, maybe by setting up a chair or placing some pillows on the floor. If you can, find a spot with natural light.

Add a Few Pieces of Inspiration

Image via Flickr by firemedic58

Once you’ve designated your meditation space, it’s time to transform it into an inspirational and relaxing haven. Adding decorations will personalize your space, but be selective when you choose these. Décor is most effective when it has significant meaning to you. You might want to select photographs of loved ones or inspirational places, or perhaps include images with personal spiritual significance. Find fabric, statues, candles, or posters that speak to you as an individual. Another great option is to keep an indoor plant or two. What’s important is that your space feels personal and peaceful.

Make It Clean and Comfortable

Meditating in a clear and organized space will make for a more clear and organized mind. Keep the decorations and furniture minimal, and it’s crucial to keep your space clean so it will feel like a soothing sanctuary. Clutter and excessive decorations will also collect dust. Keep the air clean and refreshing by dusting and sweeping regularly, and use an air purifier to trap any dust particles. An effective way to establish a soothing atmosphere in your space is with aromatherapy. Diffusing a blend of essential oils can bring your meditation experience to a whole new level.

Maintain Great Air Quality

A popular meditation technique is to focus on the breath. You’ll want to maintain excellent air quality in your meditation space so that each day you’re inspired to sit, relax, and just breathe. Improve your indoor air by limiting toxins, getting a dehumidifier, and using your home’s HVAC system. When you’re buying plants for your space, consider selecting an areca palm, Boston fern, or spider plant, because these plants will bring nature into your space while also cleaning your air.

The options for your new space are neverending, and during the process of creating your space, it’ll be helpful to remind yourself that the goal is to take care of and nurture your mind. You can reflect the priority of self-care in your meditation space by personalizing the décor and taking care of the air you’re breathing with HVAC. With a clean and inspiring space, you can get to know the most important person in your life — you.