How to Get Your Body in Shape For Summer

Wow, it is March already, Christmas time seems to have faded into the distance and we are hurtling towards summer 2017. This seems to me to be the perfect time to start getting your body in shape for the coming summer months so that you can maximize your fashion choice and of course, get that beach body that you are after.

You may be in the same boat as me whereby your new year’s resolution to get in shape has been and gone but don’t worry as you still have plenty of time before the warm weather comes and shines a light on your physical condition. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can be doing right now to trim down and get in shape.


There is no shame in getting liposuction and it actually proves to be a great way of getting rid of some of that hard to shift fat in areas that are difficult to lose it from. Liposuction is not the horror procedure that it once was and my local clinic Sono Bello for example offer a laser style lip which is non invasive and targets fatty areas and then burns the fat away with a laser. If this is something that you are unsure of the read the Sono Bello reviews to see for yourself just how happy people are after the surgery.

Gym Workouts

If you are not already exercising then it is time to get started and the great news is that if you are aiming for the summer to get in shape, then you still have plenty of time to start off slow and build. If you are trying to shift a little timber first then focus solely on cardio or lifting with very light weight. Try not to get carried away in the gym, start off small, perhaps 30 minutes of cardio each day, up it gradually each week and when you have lost the weight which you want, that is when you should start focusing on abs and muscles.Going to hard straight away can leave you hating the gym so start off slow and light and build it up step by step.


Now is the time to really get your diet in line and you should not be looking at any fad or rapid diet plans, these only work in the short term and will see you gain weight again straight away. You have lots of time before summer so just do things sensibly and there is no magic diet out there that you need, simply do the things that you know that you should be doing. Cutting down on sugar, cut out the alcohol, up the fruit and veg, no more take-outs and plenty of fresh food. It really is as simple as that and if you can do this then you will find that you lose weight gradually which is far healthier for your body than any crash diet that you may have seen.