‘If Parenting Was a Job, Mothers Would Earn Over £80,000 a Year’, Survey Reveals

Women are emerging in roles stronger than ever. They are successful entrepreneurs, creative designers, productive engineers, great leaders and good doctors. But we often see them in a role that might just be the toughest work they ever have to do. Yes, motherhood alone contains the challenges of every other job they do. But what if parenting was a paid role? How much would a mom earn? A local services marketplace got curious enough to find out a mother’s salary.

Bidvine is an online local services marketplace that conducted a survey of 1,200 British moms and concluded that a mother would earn £83,427 a year. The moms were asked how much time they spend doing certain tasks and then their rate was calculated on hourly basis. The mothers reported that on routinely basis, they spend 4 hours on cleaning and sprucing things up, 2 hours on preparing meals and 1 hour for doing laundry. They also had to be available 24/7 for their children. And above all this, 44% of the participating households said they owned a pet. In this group, two thirds of the mothers claimed they had to handle the entire responsibility of looking after them. This included feeding, bathing, taking them out for a walk, nurturing, taking to the vet, etc.

The research also discovered that 74% mothers feel they had to take care of most of the home related tasks, and 67% confessed that their children were completely under their supervision. Bidvine works to connect public members with professionals where former post a job and latter bid on that. Bidvine’s database consists of builders, electricians, cleaners, photographers, caterers, personal trainers, English tutors and many more.

The services marketplace platform contains a large number of service providers catering to these areas and they have used internal information and insight to compute hourly rates for the tasks that mothers carry out daily. The hourly rates were converted into daily rates by Bidvine’s job specialists with the help of the statistics concluded from the survey. These readings were then converted to the rates of an entire year. The amount £83,427 is equal to some of the high income jobs such as retail managers, bank managers and medical practitioners.