Juicing: Overhyped health craze or an ideal way to drink yourself healthy and slim?


Fat, sick and nearly dead”. The film by Joe Cross documents his way from an overweight, medicine devouring mid-forty-year-old business man to a slim, healthy and fit juice guru. During a 60-day diet – consisting exclusively of freshly squeezed veggies and fruits – Joe documented his amazing transformation and his juice crusade across the USA. Inspiring? Absolutely! A bit misleading? Well … maybe a bit.

The negative sides of juicing …

… are not too many, but need to be considered. A juice-only diet is NOT a very effective way to lose weight. You can fill your belly with gallons of juice, but shortly after you will feel hungry again. A rich juice has the calorie count of a normal meal, but your body will absorb the liquid a lot faster than solid food. Thus, you might give in to the temptation of filling the gap between one juice and the next with little snacks and in the end eat more calories than you should. So keep in mind, that the dream figures of – for example – the top companions from an upscale escort service, are probably not the result juicing alone. It is always the complete concept between a healthy, plant based diet, drinking a lot of water and a bit of exercise.

Fruit juices are very rich in sugar! The maxim: “Eat your fruits and juice your vegetables!” is very valuable. Just do the math! An apple contains around 10 grams of sugar. A pure apple juice needs at least 3-5 fruits to fill your glass. So you are looking at a potential sugar spike. On top, your liver will be going into full attack-mode dealing with all the natural fructose your putting in your system. This overdose of fructose will be turned into liver fat, which can be the cause of diabetes and even heart disease. So before thinking about going on a pure juice diet, please consult your doctor first!

Buying veggies and fruits is sadly still more expensive that your good old Big Mac around the corner. And finding a nice farmer market in the heart of a big city can be quit tedious.

The pros of juicing are obvious!

To start off with the numerous positive sides of juicing: Eating the recommended seven portions of veggies per day is a task, which is for the majority of people close to impossible. Time to prepare the food is one big issue and actually eating this amount of vegetables and fruits the other one. Hence, juicing is a fantastic way to consume all the healthy vegetables and fruits you should eat every day in a very easy, fast and tasty way!

Drinking all the good green, red and yellow stuff makes it very easy for your body to absorb all the minerals, vitamins and enzymes the juice contains. And digesting this shot of pure, natural goodness is a walk in the park for your digestive system.

You will surely discover a lot of new veggies and fruits while shopping for your next yummy juice! And buying more greens and fruits instead of meat and dairy products will change the way the mighty food industry is working. So you really make a difference!

Drinking juice and changing to a mainly plant based diet is the most effective way to support a global eco-friendly environment. The meat industry is, as a matter of fact, one of the most water consuming, CO2-producing, polluting and destructive industry on the planet!

Eating a plant based diet – in which juicing should play a major part – will definitely improve your health, saving you hundreds of hard earned dollars on prescription medicine. Here you can find a lot of great and tasty juice recipes for any kind of illnesses.

So to sum things up: Juicing is great and really helps to improve your health. But keep in mind that juicing is not the best way to lose weight. If combined with a plant based diet and some exercise, you’re in for an amazing life change!