Medical marijuana recipes

Medical marijuana has been shown to be a great way of reducing debilitating symptoms that are associated with a wide range of disorders and diseases. The number of people using marijuana for medicinal purposes is increasing, as is the number of states and countries that are legalising its use. There are many different ways to consume marijuana and one of the most favoured ways is through cooking or baking. If you are looking for fun, inventive new ways of taking your medical marijuana, here we list some fun quick tips to create food marijuana masterpieces. If you are looking to get some medical marijuana to cook or bake with, buy autoflowering seeds online to grow your own marijuana plant and have access to a fast, refilling supply. 


Everybody loves pancakes and using cannabis oil in the wet ingredients of the batter is an easy way of getting medicated in the morning. Using almonds and marijuana to create canna milk can form the basis of multiple smoothies that you can make for a healthier option. Making batches of canna milk in advance means that more classic breakfasts such as cereal or oatmeal can be made quickly and easily with marijuana present.

Lunch and Dinner

Replacing your normal oil with canna oil is the best way for those wishing to easily add marijuana to their meals. Adding marijuana to olive oil and then heating on low heat for 3 hours forms the canna oil. This can be then kept as normal oil would be and added to anything that you would usually add olive oil to. For example, using canna oil in your stir fry can be a fast way of making a marijuana meal. For those who wish to be more experimental, canna oil can be added to pizza tomato sauce or pesto to create some Italian-inspired marijuana meals.


Working marijuana into sweet baking recipes is the classic way of creating delicious medicated treats where the sugar and sweetness overshadows any more bitter taste of marijuana there may be. As one of milk, butter and oil are used in virtually every baking recipe, infusing cannabis into these food items makes it possible to make a plethora of cakes and sweet treats where you can easily switch the dosage. Buying or infusing cannabis into peanut butter is one of my favourites – you can make peanut butter cups or cookies that taste fantastic. I also love using marijuana in my banana bread recipes, where canna butter gives it just the right edge.

Infusing medical marijuana into your cooking and baking is a fun and easy way of getting your dosage. Infusing the marijuana into the butter, milk or oil required can take a little time, but you can make large batches that’ll last you for weeks to come. Try out some new recipes and cooking ideas so that you can enjoy experimenting with your medical marijuana.