Medical Supplies for the Post Bariatric Surgery Patient


If you haven’t had bariatric surgery yourself, you probably know someone who has had it. In a recently report, it was found that around 16,000 people per year had bariatric surgery in the early 90s, and this jumped to 135,985 by 2004. Bariatric surgery continues to be very popular and, with advances in medical science, the procedure is also less risky and quicker to complete. As a result of this, bariatric patients are sent home much sooner, sometimes even on the same day, and this, in turn, means they need specialized home medical supplies in order to properly heal.

Developments in Bariatric Surgery

According to the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, there are pros and cons to be aware of in terms of bariatric surgery. The greatest con is that there are risks associated with it, but these have reduced tremendously. In fact, mortality and complication rates are now below 0.1%. However, the need for post-operative care remains and this means home medical supplies are also required.

Which Home Medical Supplies Are Required?

Different medical supplies are needed for different elements of the recovery process. As such:

  • Wound care is of paramount importance. Bariatric surgery continues to be major surgery, and there are always risks associated with that, including the risk of infections. Patients must be linked to an excellent home medical supplies company so that they can properly heal and run less risks of infections.
  • Skin care is also very important for the recovery of the bariatric patient. A range of products are needed to properly look after the skin around the wound site. Exactly what is needed depends on where the wound is, and how large it is. Smaller incisions, such as those following laparoscopic procedures, heal very quickly. However, the larger the incision is, the more care it will need. Skin care products include gauzes and cloths, particularly if placed properly within skin folds. This helps to reduce fungal rashes and irritation. It is very important that patients are provided with knowledge of the proper brands to use for wound gauzes.
  • Most post-bariatric patients suffer from a degree of fecal and urine incontinence. This is due to the large abdomen presses down on the bowel and bladder. Luckily, this is of a temporary nature, and the bariatric patients should regain control very quickly. However, in the meantime, they do have to have proper incontinence products and cleaning wipes.

Whether someone has a large wound that requires proper dressing, cleaning and care, or whether some is suffering from temporary incontinence, it is vital that they have the right medical supplies to cope with this. This also ensures that they do not feel a sense of shame or humiliation, or even uncleanliness. Rather, they must be supported in regaining their quality of life, and being empowered to become fully independent. People who need bariatric surgery have often lived with great difficulties for many years, and they must be supported in overcoming this at last.