“Nourishing Your Soul” — What It Means and Why Is it Vital to Your Personal Growth

Spending a little time each day nourishing your soul can actually be a very simple process. Time spent meditating or simply clearing your mind can soothe your soul. So can time spent with a loved one or a pet. No matter your needs, a habit of soul-care is a great idea for anyone who struggles with stress.

Get Away From Everyone

A little time alone goes a long way toward soothing your soul. You don’t have to go to a spa or book a weekend away to get some alone time. Try getting up before the rest of your household. Brew a nice cup of coffee or tea and curl up in your favourite chair. Set a timer for 10 minutes and just be. You might focus on a positive thought about the blessings of having a roof over your head, or you might just pet the cat. For these 10 minutes, just enjoy the setting.

Get Outside

Nature has tremendous healing powers and has even been shown to reduce symptoms of dementia and ADHD. If you’re working to reduce your stress or raise your joy, time in nature can lower your cortisol levels and boost your creativity. Walk the dogs, take a picnic to the local park or spend time in the community outdoor pool to reduce your stress and lift your spirit.

Talk To Someone

Each of us has to tackle issues, memories or health challenges that are beyond our capacity to tolerate, let alone heal. You may need to break away from the mindset of being someone who can handle anything and step into the role of someone who asks for help when they need it. The guiding hand of a professional may lead you into a whole new mindset and level of physical and emotional wellness.

Use Natural Light

Busy professionals often discuss “burning the candle and both ends” but candlelight may actually be a great way to lower your stress, rest more deeply and relax fully in the evening. An hour before bed, get cleaned up and into your pyjamas. Light a couple of candles and turn off all electric lights. This includes tablets, smartphones, and anything else with a screen. Let your body naturally wind down in candlelight before bed to improve the quality of your sleep.

Get Creative

You don’t have to make anything to express your creativity. A little window-shopping is a great way to enjoy creative thought without spending any money or burning a lot of time. Hit a thrift store and look at dishes or baskets. Go to a nearby museum or gallery or museum to check out a new exhibition. If you want to learn a craft, sign up for a class. Just remember, you don’t have to color, quilt or crochet to enjoy creative thought. Don’t put pressure on yourself!

Final Thoughts

Your soul is a creative entity that feeds on beauty and calm. Feed it gently and enjoy the result.