Recent studies have shown that office workers are at risk of several health problems, some of which can cause a premature death, due to their daily inactivity. Sitting at a desk all day without sufficient bodily movement has been linked to back problem, stiff necks and problems with hip and shoulder joints. If you are an office worker then these are problems that you cannot ignore and it is time that you take some action. How, you may ask, can you avoid such problems if you need to spend the large part of your day at the office, the answer, office Yoga, the perfect way to get you moving about in the workplace.


officeyoga-7-theofficedeskHow it Works

It goes without saying that bringing your Yoga mat into work and doing a downward dog in the middle of the office would be a little strange so what office yoga does is to give you a yoga style stretching workout using the furniture at work that you already have. The workouts are simple to learn, easy to do and have great health benefits.

The Workouts

Below this article you will find a video that takes you through the workout and shows you just how simple it can be to make these movements in the office or even at your desk. Here are just some of the stretching movements explained in the video with apt names for the workplace.

  • The Morning Coffee
  • The Lengthy Meeting
  • The Office Gossip
  • The Filing Cabinet

These exercises, like some of the others don’t even require you to leave your office chair and they can be done during your workday.

The Benefits

These exercises stretch key muscle groups in your body, they will help you to feel more supple and prevent you from feeling the discomfort that staying in the same place for a long time can cause. Such is the nature of Yoga with its breathing exercises included into the stretching that these exercises can also help you to feel more relaxed and less stressed, perfect for your work day. When your body and mind is relaxed in this way, you will also start to see improved levels of concentration and memory function, leaving you feeling sharper with increased performance levels. You may not feel that some simple stretching exercises can have all of these benefits but yoga, and in this case office yoga, has been proven time and again to help both the body and mind stay in better shape.

How to Start

When it comes to getting started with your office Yoga routine, there really is no time like the present, follow the exercises in the video below and start working out today. To make you feel more comfortable doing these routines in the office, and to help others improve their levels of relaxation, why not try and get others involved, you could even dedicate certain times of the day where everyone does their workout, the perfect way to have a happy and efficient workforce.

Check out this awesome PDF for more yoga routines at the office: furniture-at-work-officeyoga-fact-sheet-1