Organic Beard Oil & Balm For Beard

I know of a nice family who has 3 sons growing into fine young men. Their sons are well behaved and it is nice chatting with them. The 2nd son is exceptionally witty. He can keep you entertained without us feeling bored if he wants to.

One thing about these fine young men is that they all love beards. The funny thing is that their father is clean shaven and I have never seen him with a beard. It amuses me to see these fine young men with different beard styles every time I see them. One day they will appear all nice and clean shaven, at other times they will appear with short beard, and another time they have long hair and bushy beard. These three young men never fail to bore me with the same old style.

There was once when the mother and I had a chance to chat, I jokingly mentioned about her sons’ changing hair and beard. The mother laughingly shook her head and said that I should go and see the types of oil and balms they used for their hair and beards. She mentioned that at times, they will spend hours in front of the mirror pampering their hair and beard with their organic beard balm and oil. And other times they are just too lazy and not bothered and let their hair and beard long and all out of place. That’s when the dad will insist that they go to have their hair cut and have the beard removed.

One day the mother ran out of her hair oil so she took some of the boys’ organic beard oil to apply to her hair. To her surprise the oil was good for her hair and scalp too. Her hair felt softer and shinier and her scalp has stopped itching. She continued using the beard oil to confirm that it was due to the effect of the oil on her scalp and hair. Since then, the boys and their mother have been using these organic beard product from They have tested the products and have proven them to be good.