Protein 101: 7 Things to Know Before Choosing Protein For Fitness

The task of getting the right protein supplement for your health can be daunting. The market is full of all kinds of proteins that promise fantastic results, but only a few of these are suited for your needs. You, therefore, need to know how to choose the most suitable protein supplements that will not only nourish your body but also support your fitness goals.

How to Choose Protein Supplements Wisely

To discern the best proteins for your needs, you need to understand not only the ingredients but also the functions of various supplements and their nutritional benefits. Other nutrients like sugars and fats are present in the protein supplements. Therefore, depending on your needs, the additional nutrients should be factored in the diet. The following are guidelines to help you to navigate to find the best protein powder to promote your health:

Know Your Protein Supplements Types

Proteins that complement your dietary needs fall into three categories. The concentrates contain eighty per cent protein by composition, with the rest being minerals, sugars, and fats. Isolates have a protein composition of up to ninety per cent. The hydrolyzed proteins are in the form of simpler molecules of amino acids and peptides. Therefore, the body absorbs the hydrolyzes more rapidly and is suitable for people with difficulties indigestion.

What are Your Health Needs?

Various protein types do different things to the body. Whether it’s the extra weight you want to shed, or boost your protein intake such as protein powder or bulk up on muscle tissue, there are different proteins for each need. A protein shake labelled ‘concentrate,’ replacing a meal or a snack, is ideal for the person who wants to shed weight. Concentrates break down in the body slowly, therefore keep you sated for a longer time.

For optimal results, concentrates should only be mixed with water or ice as they already contain other nutrients like fats, sugars, and minerals. Additionally, protein isolates taken before and after exercise are ideal for improving muscle tone and promoting muscle recovery. Isolates are broken down faster in the body, making them ideal for fuelling the body.

How Active are You?

Physical activity complements the benefits of protein supplements to your body. Proteins taken without physical activity will not have the desired effect on your body. You have to get that workout to get the protein to improve the state of your body. Take note of your level of physical activity to choose the best supplement for your body fitness goals. For people who exercise only once in a day, concentrates are the best.

Study the Label on Nutritional Content

The label should give important information about the number of grams of carbohydrates and fats in the protein supplement. People with underlying health conditions like diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome should steer clear from protein formulations with a high natural or artificial sugar content. If your goal is to cut weight, then commercially packed protein with high sugar and fats content is not suitable for you.

Know the Limits

Drinking too much protein shakes might derail your fitness goals. Excess proteins in the body convert to fats. The body quickly takes up the protein shakes than if you were to eat animal or plant proteins. Therefore, when the proteins are taken in excess, weight gain due to fat accumulation results. Servings of up to 30 grams of proteins at a time are ideal.

Dairy-Free or Dairy Full?

Some plant proteins like soy, hemp, and pea proteins have additional benefits such as promoting bone density, reducing the effects of menopause in women, and managing cholesterol levels in the body. Whey, a protein that comes from milk, boosts muscle tissue growth and is faster to digest. Casein breaks down more slowly, and it supplies glutamine that slows down the break down of muscle tissue. Casein is an excellent option for bulking up the muscle tissue.

Be Selective on Protein Supplements Adverts

Many protein manufacturing companies will promise all manner of exciting results but deliver none. It is vital to buy protein supplements from a vendor who has been around for a long time. An established company will give you the right mix of ingredients depending on the protein supplement you require. An excellent protein supplement has up to five grams of fats and sugars and about thirty grams of protein.

All in all, it is vital to note that protein supplements do not take the place of your dietary needs. They supplement your diet. Protein supplements also complement your workouts. Proteins are crucial building blocks of the body, and as such, are vital for proper health. The protein deficiency causes the body to get the protein needs from body tissues like bones and body organs, leading to health problems. It would be best if you strived to take in enough proteins to promote health and body fitness.