Reasons to Have Chin Augmentation Surgery

Chin augmentation surgery is a procedure where the cosmetic surgeon will slice open your jaw and place an impact under the skin which will change the shape and the size of your chin. This is a very safe and effective procedure which is carried out with success each and every day. Not only is this a safe procedure but it is also one which is nowhere near as expensive as you may believe, and that is what makes it so accessible to so many people.

Now in the modern age there are two types of people who get such an operation carried out. The first group of people are those who genuinely wish to make this change and the second are those who are seeking perfection, those with body image issues. If you fall into the latter category then you will never be content with how your body looks and you will in fact find that no amount of surgery is enough. The question is, how do you know whether chin augmentation surgery is actually for you? Let’s take a look.

Singular Problem

One clear and defining way to ascertain whether or not you have body image issues or whether you simply wish to change your appearance is to focus on what the actual problem is. If you chin and the shape of your jaw is the only thing that you would ever consider changing about your body then this is likely to be the actual root of the problem. If you start listing things that you’d like to change then perhaps you should think deeper about what  the issue is.

Long Time Sufferer

The large majority of people who go in for this surgery are those who have struggled for years with their appearance and those who have hated their jaw and chin shape for a long period of time. Most people, even those who do feel this way, will actually put surgery off for sometime before eventually deciding that it is an option which they wish to pursue.

Genuine Vision For The Future

Another characteristic of a great patient for this type of surgery is someone who genuinely has a vision for what  they wish to look like in the future. Often we find that those who have issues aim for an unrealistic idea of how they will look, usually based on celebrities and airbrushed models. If however you can picture the way that you would like your jawline to look, and it is a reasonable expectation then you are likely to be a good candidate for this type of work.

If you are in any doubt as to why you wish to make this change then the best thing that you can do is to actually sit down with a surgeon and speak to them about the issue, and about potential solutions. If you are worried that you may have body image issues then the best bet is to speak to a psychologist who will be able to help you to get to the bottom of it.