Saving the environment one piece of litter at a time with rubbish removal in London

The environment is in the spotlight at the moment and nowhere moreso than in the capital. From reducing plastic waste to reusing and recycling, there are many ways you can do your part to help keep London clean, tidy and beautiful. Companies like Clearabee are also doing their part with rubbish removal in London services. Read on for more tips on how you can do your part for the environment.

Separate your recyclables

One of the hottest rubbish removal in London services right now is plastic recycling. Plastic is non-biodegradable, which means that it won’t decompose naturally. Instead, it can be recycled. The problem is that only some types of plastic can be recycled, and one product may be made up of multiple types of plastic. For example, a bottle of drink may have a bottle made of recyclable plastic, but a cap made of plastic that cannot be recycled. Be sure to separate these rather than try to recycle the whole thing. While companies such as Clearabee do their best to separate plastics, sometimes machines can struggle with detecting different types of plastic and it’s not feasible for them to sort the volume of rubbish collected themselves. If an unrecyclable cap is screwed to the bottle, the whole thing has to be burned. Do your part for the environment by checking the product labels before recycling your plastics!

Compost your food waste

Food waste is one of the single biggest sources of rubbish from UK households. In most cases, there’s no reason to have this go to the landfill. If you have the space and the means, you can instead choose to compost this yourself. Not only is this much more environmentally friendly compared to burning it, it’s great if you or a neighbour have a garden or allotment. You can use old food to grow new food! If not, some councils offer rubbish removal in London specifically for food waste. This is a much better way to dispose of food waste than throwing it in the general rubbish, where it will be discarded in a landfill and/or burnt.

Reduce your waste

The simplest way to reduce your environmental impact and help keep London clean is to reduce your waste output. This is a lifestyle change that sounds a lot more daunting than it actually is. You can take simple, incremental steps to help reduce your waste output.

There are many simple things you can do to save on waste. Instead of buying bottles of drink while you are out and about, take a refillable bottle. There are now many water refill stations about London that allow you to refill these for free and more are popping up all the time. Be sure to take reusable bags with you when you go shopping in order to cut down on using plastic bags (which also saves you money!) There are also a lot of products now that sell ‘refillable’ versions specifically to cut down on plastic use. Products like milk, coffee and soap are common candidates for this. Buying the regular product once and then filling up using the refillable version in future is a great way to cut down on waste.


Keeping London beautiful is a public effort and every little helps. Don’t think your contribution won’t make a difference. Companies like Clearabee offering rubbish removal┬áin London help to cut down on waste on a commercial level, but that waste is collected from the public, so every piece of rubbish saved by an individual adds up over time!