Why so serious?! Read these blogs and laugh more every day

Life is so serious and everywhere we look there seems to be bad news all of the place – so just chill out, sit back, load up some quality blogs and laugh your head off!

It’s not difficult to find funny stuff on the internet, but it can be tricky to find a site that constantly delivers and really does make you LOL. I am sure we’ve all been on the tube or bus to work and seen someone staring at their phone laughing to themselves. Those people are the lucky ones because they’ve found a blog that really does tickle them.

So whatever you find funny you can rest safe in the knowledge that there is something out there for you to chuckle to. Personally I love reading funny real life stories, satirical masterpieces and just downright silly pictures with awesome captions. Here are 3 of the best that I have found online, if they don’t make you laugh I suggest you give the doc a call!

Lol football

By far the wittiest sport blog on the world wide web! If you’re looking for satire at it’s best then look no further that this site that serves up football news with a funny twist. The only issue I have when reading their amazing content is that it makes me feel inadequate, I genuinely don’t know how these guys create such amazing, laugh out loud content. Lol football is top of this list for good reason.

Passive Aggressive Notes

Here’s a blog I can really relate to and I think we all can. We’ve all had more than one moment in life where we couldn’t show just how angry we were inside. Some people are real pros at being able to control their anger, channel it and let it all out in an overly polite way – possibly the most healthy way to do it. This blog offers up ‘polite notes’ that are full of passive aggression without ever really insulting anyone, they absolutely nail it. The notes are absolutely brilliant and you can tell that even though they’re polite, they were written by some pretty p***ed off people.

Awkward Family Photos

Just from reading the name of this blog you know what you’re getting and you also know it’s going to be addictive. I have spent hours scrolling through some of the most ridiculous family photos ever taken. I had so many awkward family photos taken when I were a lad, but none match what’s on this site. My personal favourites are the ones that people obviously thought were a great idea but are downright sick and twisted.

What are you go to blogs when you need to put a smile on your face? I am always on the lookout to find new blogs to laugh along with and I am sure all the other readers will appreciate it too. All you have to do is pop the web address of your findings in the comment section below. I’m looking forward to checking them all out!