Simple Health Plan – Simple Tips For Better Health

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are no secret and for many years now we have all been reminded of just what kind of life we can expect, if we decide to invest in our health. Unfortunately for many of us however, we just can’t seem to do it sure we try for a few months or in the weeks leading up to our summer vacation, but ultimately there are still more unhealthy people than healthy. If you happen to fall into this category, you are not alone and whilst you may not want to make wholesale changes, there are many tweaks which you can make in your daily life, to be that little bit healthier. We spoke to the guys at Simple Health Plan, to see what you easily change, to really boost your health.


Getting a sold night’s sleep is absolutely crucial to you health, both mental and physical. Despite what we are lead to believe, there is no romance in only sleeping of ra few hours per night, and those who tell you that they function better after just a few hours of sleep, are not telling you the entire true. The fact of the matter is that during our sleep is when the body rests and recuperates, it is when we process information and when the muscles and joints re-energise. If you get the recommend 7-9 hours of sleep per night, you will not only feel better, but you can help to ward off illnesses that may come in later life such as dementia.


Another simple health trick that many of us don’t do enough of is drinking water. When we allow our bodies to dehydrate, it must find the hydration from other areas of the body leaving skin looking dry, joints sore and organs not operating to the best of their abilities. Men are advised to drink between 3-4 litres of water per day, and women should be downing between 2-3 litres of water per day. This is something that is incredibly simple to do, and can have huge health benefits.

Cutting Out

If you are a smoker then quitting will be one of the single best things that you can do for your overall health. The negative and damaging consequences of smoking are no secret and if you want to make a small change that will greatly help your health, quitting smoking is the answer.


On top of a healthy diet, exercising is the single best way to get healthier and the good news is that you only need 30 minutes per day of exercise to improve your life. With this amount of light exercise you will have more energy, less fat and a stronger body. Try to look at your 30 minutes of exercise as the foundation for a healthier lifestyle, start this week and see how far you get.