Sono Bello Reviews the Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures and Their Psychological Benefits

There have been significant advancements in plastic and cosmetic surgery, and this has made these types of procedures a lot more popular. Some procedures are more popular than others, something that Sono Bello, from their clinic in Bellevue, WA have been monitoring. It isn’t clear why certain procedures are more popular than other, although changing societal attitudes may be linked to that.

Sono Bello Reviews the Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures

In a recent review, Sono Bello mentioned on the amp that the most popular procedures are:

  1. The nose job. With advances in medical technology, this procedure is now quick to complete and can even be done without breaking the nose. Rhinoplasty done right significantly changes someone’s face and appearance.
  2. Because so many Americans are overweight, liposuction is actually a medically helpful procedure as well. While liposuction can’t resolve obesity and people dont expect it to, it can help those who have some fat build up in problem areas, and it can leave people looking and being healthier overall.
  3. The eyebrow lift. Comments from people who have had this procedure include that their eyes look years younger and less tired after this procedure. It is simple to complete, but the results are dramatic. This procedure is popular with men and women alike.
  4. Breast enlargements. When it was found that implants fitted in the 90s had started to leak silicone, many women stopped having this procedure completed. However, as medical science advanced and implants became better understood and studied, this changed again. Today, it is one of the most popular procedures of all and women all over the world have increased their breast size to a state that they find beautiful and comfortable.
  5. The face lift. This procedure is losing in popularity because of the availability of less invasive options such as Botox and Ulthera. However, some people still have it completed because of the dramatic and long lasting results it offers.

Plastic Surgery and Its Psychological Benefits

Some people continue to think that plastic surgery is all about vanity and should really only be offered to those who have deformities due to accidents or birth defects. However, while this is certainly where the procedures originated from, it is now readily available and generally very safe. It has empowered people to make themselves the most beautiful versions of themselves.

This has had a strong positive psychological impact as well. People have increased their self-esteem and self-confidence and they also report that their quality of life has improved. 97% of people who have had procedures completed, in fact, say that they love the difference it has made and that, if given the choice, they would do it again.

Risks are associated with plastic surgery, including complications such as infections and adverse reactions to the anesthetic. However, as medical science advances, these risks are reduced a lot. Furthermore, procedures are becoming less invasive as well, which makes them even safer.