Stop Complaining And Do Something! How To Get The Daily Motivation You Need To Change The World

Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow Concept

Do you find yourself sitting on the couch and complaining about the world? Get up and do something about it! Here’s how to get the daily motivation To change.

You sit on the couch and stare at the wall. You even think that you should get up and exercise or start writing that novel.

Yet, you don’t.

If you think it’s just you, it’s not. People struggle with limited daily motivation for lots of reasons.

Some feel stifled in their jobs. Some feel they aren’t expressing themselves creatively. Others suffer from depression.

If you’re tired of a lack of motivation, you can achieve the kind of monster daily motivation that changes that world.

Keep reading, and we’ll walk you through some of the ways to do it.

Start with Small Things

Impressive things often come from humble beginnings. How many successful tech companies got their starts in dorm rooms and garages?

Motivation can work the same way. It’s not necessary to wake up every day looking to build an empire.

Build small tasks into your day that give you easy wins. For example, you can make doing 20 crunches a daily goal.

It’s an achievable daily goal that gives you a win first thing in the morning.

That win gives you a mental boost that you can use as a stepping stone to more difficult tasks.

Build Routines

It sounds like the ultimate in anti-motivation, doesn’t it? Aren’t routines, by definition, predictable and dull?

Well, yes, that’s one-way routines can function, but not the only way.

Think back. You can probably picture lots of times when you started a task feeling unmotivated and then fell into a groove.

A routine helps you overcome initial resistance by getting you into the work.

For many people, that’s the hardest part. Once you start, you’ll probably find that it’s not hard to get motivated.

Build a Playlist of Motivation Speakers

Motivation comes in a lot of flavors. Someone chasing promotion looks motivated at work but may struggle with the motivation to train for a half-marathon.

Motivational speakers also come in a lot of flavors. Some focus on personal development, while others focus on professional development or goal setting.

Once you pin down where you need motivational assistance, you can track down motivation speakers who cater to that area. Pick out some that you like and build playlists of audio files or streaming videos.

That way, you can go back listen or watch when you feel your motivation lagging.

Display a Motivational Quote Where You’ll See it

Motivational quotes make the daily rounds online in the form of memes, but why wait for one?

You can get a motivational poster or calendar. If you don’t feel like shelling out cash or can’t find you one like, you can make a quote image.

The real trick with a motivational quote is that you must hang it where you’ll see it every day. Like a routine, it becomes a touchstone in your motivational life.

Parting Thoughts on Getting Your Daily Motivation

Achieving the kind of daily motivation that others envy isn’t luck. It’s strategy.

You must set yourself up for success by building routines and opportunities for small successes into your day.

Create playlists of motivational speakers who inspire you for the times when you’re lagging. Find a motivational quote and plaster it on the wall in plain view.

If tiredness stifles your world-changing motivation, check out our post on boosting your energy levels.