Time to Switch Off: Give Your Brain and Body a Break on Vacation

For some, a vacation is a time of irony. While most take breaks to relax, some personalities find it hard to do so, checking emails, fretting about missed work, and keeping their minds on assignments rather than relaxing. Here’s how to make the most of the time on vacation and give your brain and body the break they deserve.

What Is Relaxing to You

Marketing and ads tell us what locales are the best vacation destinations, yet people are different. One person may think NYC is a place to relax while another would deem such a place too noisy and polluted. Therefore, choose a destination that is relaxing to you. That could be a remote beach or crowded city.

Keep Activities to a Minimum

A vacation does not need to be a time when you attempt to pack in as many activities as possible. Doing such could be stressful for most people. It’s a reason to keep the number of activities to a minimum. While you want to do things that are fun and relaxing, you don’t want to be inundated with tasks – as if you were at work!

Slow Down

Those who are successful get used to going at one speed. When you’re going at full steam it’s hard to slow down and take a look around to appreciate your surroundings. Set an alarm on your phone or wear a piece of string around your wrist to remind you to take breaks and slow down while you’re on vacation.

Be On Your Clock

During the workweek, you get up with the alarm, get in the office at a certain time, and arrive back home on schedule. Your workweek may or may not be aligned with your natural clock. When you’re on vacation, you have the opportunity to be on your own clock. That means sleeping until you want, eating when you feel like it, etc.

Listen to Others

When busy, we have limited resources to pay attention to others. Listening is a skill honed by those who know how to stay in the moment and give others full attention. Take time to truly listen to others and engage them in conversation on your next vacation.  The brain is remarkable and capable of so many things. It takes practice to realize we don’t always give others our undivided attention.

Sleep In or Go to Bed Early

It’s likely you’re exhausted from the grind of work life. Your brain and body need a rest. It’s okay to sleep in an hour or two later or go to bed earlier when on vacation. It’s a time for the body to recuperate and that could mean reserving more hours for sleep. Take advantage of the plush accommodations offered at the Marriott Renaissance Lodge at Sonoma.

Have a Toast

It’s okay to relax with a few libations when you’re on vacation. Some prefer to keep alcoholic drinks to a minimum during the workweek, yet there’s no reason why you can’t unwind while on vacation. Drink responsibly yet allow yourself to forget your worries and make more room for happier thoughts.