Tips for Finding the Best Mattress

If you’re lucky you already have a perfect bed: a good mattress only a couple years old of a good material that aids your rest. But some people are not so lucky, if you struggle to sleep at night or find yourself uncomfortable while resting and watching TV it might be time to upgrade your mattress.

With the advances in technology there’s a ton of new options for mattresses in the market, varying from mattress size to material, and each brand claims its bed is the best for you. However, the answer to: which mattress is best for me? Is that it varies from person to person.

The tips presented below will help you find the perfect mattress according to your needs.

The Perfect Size

Mattress size is the first change you can do that will influence your sleep.

The main take in this option is personal choice and needs. If you have a partner: choose anything above Full Size and preferably Queen Mattress size so you have plenty room for two.

The extra space granted by larger mattress sizes allows more space to move around and sleep normally instead of having to curl to fit in.

Material and Builds

Currently there are several options about the composition of the mattress – the main options vary from the classical Innerspring to the modern Memory Foam.

Popular brands are changing their marketing towards Memory Foam and Hybrid Build mattresses because of the benefits they provide.

If your bed is over a decade old, chances are that steel coils are still supporting your sleep, consider changing to a Memory Foam and you’ll quickly notice the difference.

Medical Options

To those with allergies, back sores and troubles sleeping: there’s a solution. New developments have created mattresses capable of aiding your conditions: from hypoallergenic materials to firm foams that support your body while relaxing.

Consult your doctor first for the best option available for you


One clear advice you can take from this article is to not fear high prices. You’re going to spend 10-15 years with the same bed, so why save a few dollars today and regret the decision down the line?

From 800$+ you can buy an excellent mattress with many of the options discussed in this article, search local retailers and online stores for financing plans and the best deals.

Warranty and Refunds

So you decided to invest in your future rest, but what if you don’t like what you received? Read the terms and conditions before buying – Popular brands offer testing periods varying from 30 to 100 nights, where you can ask for full refund if you decide it’s not the best for you.

Same thing with the warranty, seek out 10+ years of warranty, chances are a good mattress will outlive this period, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Where to buy

Most online shops have every option available; however, go straight to the brand’s website for the best deals and details on mattresses.

If you’re old fashioned and rather see and feel the bed before deciding, search your area for certified sellers and dealers of popular brands.

Don’t commit to one specific type or brand because recommendations, take these tips and combine them with your needs to find your own perfect bed.

No matter what option you decide, this is a long term commitment, so take your time and seek the best option available