Tips for Supporting Someone with Breast Cancer from the Best Breast Cancer Surgeon LA Has to Offer


This year hundreds of thousands of women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer and for all it will be a devastating discovery. In addition to the stigma of cancer be big one the immediately brings dread and depression, it also means that at a minimum their lives will change dramatically and they will have to deal with the effects for their entire lives.

For each person who is diagnosed, there are friends and family members who are in their circle and who also get pulled into the diagnosis. They also must deal with the feelings that will definitely come of loss and fear. But these people must get through these feelings quickly and then get strong for the one who has been diagnosed because their positive feelings and support will most certainly be needed throughout the medical treatment process. Here is advice for these friends and relatives on how to help your loved one get through the treatment and healing process from the best breast cancer surgeon LA has to offer.

I know for a fact that none of us could have got through this without the support of one another and if you have someone in your family who is suffering from this awful disease, here are some tips on how you can best support them.

Always Be Available

Unfortunately your loved one will be going through a range of emotions and these mood swings will not be limited to normal waking hours. You should expect to hear from her at all times of night of night just wanting to talk and t have someone listen.  Some of these times you might be exhausted and not in the most receptive mood, but do your best to be accommodating and consider what she is going through. It may be tough but you will get rewarded with some great conversation and the knowledge that you were there for a friend in the time of need.

Help to Make Her Laugh as Much as You Can

Cancer is undoubtedly a very heavy topic that causes lots of tears, pain and anguish. You should expect lots of that as you help you are loved one to her surgery and Recovery. You should do all you can to help her lighten the mood and laugh. Develop the habit of telling her jokes, watch funny movies with her I’m a go to see stand-up comedians how many other funny episode that you can make her a part of. Science has shown that laughter is also medicine and more people laugh the more likely they are to deal with the pain and stress related to surgery and cancer recovery and they are more likely to feel better. Use this knowledge to motivate yourself to get her to laugh even if you would not in the mood to laugh. In the she will love you more and appreciate your efforts.