Top 5 Things to Do Before Working Out to Avoid Injuries

working out

working out

How many times have you tried working out and feel really sore afterwards? You are unable to walk well the following days and you can barely move your arms. A lot of people suffer from body pains and even injuries when working out. You may also suffer from the same problem especially since you are dealing with heavy objects and automated devices. There are five simple ways for you to avoid injuries though.

  1. Find out the most vulnerable body parts

The most prone to injuries in the body are the joints, ligaments and muscles. You need to determine which equipment you are using so you can protect your body. For instance, you can use hand gloves when you are using the dumbbells. You may also place bandage on your legs for stability especially when using the treadmill. You can take a look at athletes when playing games. They protect the most vulnerable parts of their bodies especially those that will come in contact with the device or those that will be heavily impacted.

  1. Do some stretching before anything else

You might forget this part since you are too excited to use the treadmill or lift some weights. You might also think that you are not going to do heavy lifting so you need no stretching exercises at all. This is totally false. The truth is that whether you are doing something simple or intense inside the gym, stretching is a must. Your muscles must be conditioned to do something it doesn’t normally do. This will drastically help avoid muscle pains after using the gym. It takes around 5-10 minutes to stretch the muscles in your body.

  1. Don’t go big immediately

You need to know what you can do and what your body can take. Avoid moving on to heavy stuff especially when you haven’t tried them before. You can start with something light before moving on to the heavier ones. The same is true when using automated equipment. You need to start with a slower speed before turning the speed up. You also have to avoid forcing your body to take what it can’t.

  1. Go to the gym with a friend

You can ask your friend to help you out especially when lifting weights. Your friend will be there to assist you. In the event that it is too heavy for you, then your friend can assist you so you won’t be forced to carry everything by yourself. Your friend can also monitor you and check if you are still in perfect condition. Besides, wouldn’t it be more fun to hit the gym with a friend? You must have several gym buddies so if one isn’t available, you can still invite the other. You can also attend group fitness classes that the gym offers where you can meet other buddies to have fun with.

  1. Bring a first aid kit

You will never know what could happen when you are in the gym. It is better if you are prepared. Bring the basic first aid kit with you in your bag. Some gyms are equipped with medical facilities or even a nurse. Some others are not. In the event that something wrong happens, it is great if you are totally prepared. Don’t forget to include pain relievers, bandages and muscle pain creams or ointments.

Once you have done all these things, you will be more prepared to hit the gym. You know that nothing wrong will happen. You will also not fear that you can’t walk the following day or have a hard time moving your arms because you’re sore.