Top Ten Ideas to Better Relax During Your Downtime

Compounding stress is a modern phenomenon experienced by those who work busy days in an office. With your mind put to work over your body, it can be hard to properly disassociate from work once you leave the office. Tackle a lot of odd hours or overtime, and the problem becomes even worse. You need to master the art of relaxation so that you can completely shrug off the day’s stress instead of carrying it in your shoulders and neck, where stress can quickly become a pain.

1. Have Designated Electronic-Free Zones

Though we are plugged in today, that doesn’t mean we don’t need breaks from the constant bombardment of entertainment from our televisions to our phones. By having at least one electronic-free zone in your home, you can retreat somewhere and work on in-person activities and slow-living hobbies like reading without distraction.

An excellent place to choose is your bedroom, as it can also help you enjoy a deeper night’s sleep if no screens are allowed.

2. Use Relaxing Colors

Almost every color can be relaxing if you find the right shade. More subdued versions of any hue can help give you a cozy, relaxed feeling with minimal additional effort. The most productive colors, however, are green and blue, which have been shown to help people relax most.

3. Texture Therapy Right in Your Home

We are more than just visual, we are textile. By inviting more textures into your home, you can stimulate different areas of your brain and help ease stress from your mind. It’s the same concept behind petting a dog or cat. The physical sensation helps to reduce your heart rate and calm you down.

If you don’t have a pet, add varying texture pillows and throws throughout your home.

4. Improve Your Sleeping Experience

Barring electronics from your bedroom is a good start. You will want to follow up with blackout blinds, investing in breathable sheets, and a microfiber pillow that works better to support the proper position of your spine while you sleep.

It is your routine; however, that is going to help you the most. Go to bed at the same time every night, don’t look at a screen for an hour or so beforehand, and wake up on schedule.

5. Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a great way to help you physically relax both during the night and throughout the day. Scented candles or individual aromatherapy devices can do wonders towards physically relaxing you and improving the entire ambiance of your home.

Lavender is an excellent scent for relaxation, but there are many options out there to suit your personal tastes.

6. Improve the Comfort for Your Downtime Activities

Your downtime activities need to be comfortable, which in most cases, will mean that your spine is adequately supported. This applies to when you read, watch movies, scroll on your phone, play games, or even work on a hobby. The solutions necessary to improve your posture and spinal health change entirely depending on the environment. Click here to find out what the most stressful video games are, and how they can affect you physically, and emotionally. Sitting in comfort, will at least take the pressure off your back and help you to relax as you battle your way through your favorite games.

The same concept applies to all of your hobbies, so invest in bean bag chairs, pillows, or even specialized back support to help you enjoy your downtime activities without additional stress.

7. Add Spa-Like Amenities in Your Home

You deserve to treat yourself, and spas can be expensive. It is far better to invest in spa-like amenities right at home. From improving the design of your bathroom to buying items like a water foot treatment machine, you can treat yourself too on the couch or whenever you feel like. These treatments are best done at home as often as you want, and the benefits are as much physical as they are psychological.

Putting time and effort into your beauty and wellbeing is a great strategy to feel better emotionally, so treat yourself.

8. Tips to Keep it Orderly

Messy environments are stressful and exhausting because all you are doing when trying to enjoy your downtime is trying to hype yourself to tidy or clean. An excellent way to keep it orderly for good is to go through and do a big declutter of your whole home. Afterward, add more storage. It should take just seconds and minimal effort to put items away and out of sight.

To keep it actually clean, unfortunately, you will need to get into the habit of regular maintenance. At the very least, commit to a deep clean once a week. We recommend Sundays so that your home is refreshed and ready for the week.

9. Add Natural Elements

We are entwined with the physical world, no matter how concrete we make our cities. Studies have shown time and time again how just a simple walk amongst nature works to improve our health and wellbeing.

You don’t need to wait until you can get to a green space to enjoy these benefits. Prioritize natural materials when decorating your home and become a plant parent. Though you would need to cover every square inch pretty much with plants to actually enjoy cleaner air, just having beautiful plants in your home is excellent for your wellbeing.

10. Brighten the Space

Just as we are tied with nature, we are also beholden to light. Our entire bodies are structured around the sun. Natural daylight is better than caffeine to wake you up and make you feel energized, but if your flat is dark and dreary, you won’t experience this wake-up call. Brighten the space to feel more naturally energized and happier, even on a rainy day.

Beat stress by enjoying yourself after work to your fullest. Your downtime should help you ease your mind and have fun again. Do this with clever psychological tricks and by caring for your physical body, so that you can enjoy that much-lauded work/life balance.