Valuable Pre- and Post-Natal Care Available through BCFS Health and Human Services’ Healthy Start Program

New moms need to receive competent and consistent medical care for themselves and their children. Accessing quality care is sometimes difficult for expectant mothers and those with young kids. Helping improve this access is nonprofit organization BCFS Health and Human Services. The organization is part of a global nonprofit offering a variety of capabilities including assisting victims of domestic violence, providing care and options for homeless youth and families, assisting and placing youth in foster care, and caring for the needs of expectant and new mothers.

The organization offers moms quality and accessible medical care and guidance through Healthy Start, a program for expectant moms and those with children under 18 years of age. The program offers health services through qualified medical professionals as well as educational guidance and content that sets moms on a path to stability and growth.

The nationally recognized Healthy Start program has multiple goals, including reducing the incidence of infant mortality and providing moms and families with an array of tools and options that help them succeed. Healthy Start features a mobile care unit. This medical vehicle provides a flexible mobile option for moms throughout the Tyler area. The mobile unit offers medical care and other services for moms and their babies, including registration for other programs. It’s a vital service for moms with limited physical mobility or restricted access to reliable and cost-effective transportation.

The Healthy Start program and the mobile care unit are just a part of BCFS Health and Human Service’s goal of creating trust between community members and their organization.