Ways in Which You Can Be More Generous in 2017


As the year turns we all make a whole heap of promises to ourselves, we will be fitter, we will be healthier, we will work harder, we will aim higher, seek out new experiences etc. etc. What generally happens around February tim is that we have tried for a month to complete all of the promises that we made to ourselves and we slowly start regressing back to how we were last year, this is the time to stay strong and keep pushing folks.

Many of us say that we will be more generous and that is what I want focus on today, the people who want to be more charitable and emulate people like Adam Rosenfeld Miami-based financier and philanthropist. If you made this promise to yourself and want some help to be more generous then here are some tips to help you keep it up.

Start Small

Grand gestures are great but if you really want to be more generous as a person then you should start off with the little details. Buying a coffee for a homeless person, asking a friend how they feel and actually caring about the answer, offering to pick someones kids up from school to give them a break, running a bath for your wife or even sending birthday eCards to your colleagues. All these tiny details make huge impacts and if you want to become more generous then these dateless are the best place to start.


Let’s be honest, most of us can afford to donate a few dollars every month to a worthy cause and if there is a charity or organization out there doing great work that needs your help then why not donate a small amount of money each month to aid them in their efforts. Most of us probably spend more on a cup of coffee each month than we would need to give as a donation and if you aren’t already doing so, then dip in to your waller and help those in need.

Volunteering Your Time

Giving yo your time for others is a rewarding and helpful act that you can do which will allow you to show your generosity and to help others. There is a wide variety of ways in which you can volunteer your spare time, you could help out in a local hospital, a local charity store, you could fundraise for charities on the streets or you could offer to look after a friend’s children once per week. It isn’t important what you do so long as you are using your time to help out others.

Be Kind

One of the most generous things that you can do for people as a fellow human being is to be kind, there is too much negativity in the world and if we were all a little nicer to one another then the World would be a far better place. Being nice isn’t difficult and if you want to become a more generous person, then start being kinder to people.