What is Involved in a Mini Face Lift?

Sadly, age is something that creeps up on all of us, it brings along the dreaded changes of wrinkles, loose skin and complete shift in confidence. Aging and sagging skin can be a thing of the past though if you were to look to surgery, even more so a Mini Face Lift. It comes to a point in life when you look in the mirror and seeing those signs of aging written all over your skin, that’s when you think to yourself something needs to change. Surgery is a huge decision though and it’s something that you need to be really sure about before taking the plunge. By having a Mini Face Lift though you can be sure that the loose skin that you have been looking at, those jowls and sagging cheek bones will be a thing of the past. Surgery will give you back your youthful glow along with that youthful confidence you once had.

The Mini Face Lift Procedure

A mini face lift is a plastic surgery procedure designed to tighten loose skin in the lower third of the face and neck. The procedure can improve the appearance of jowls or heavy cheeks. Good candidates for the mini face lift include healthy patients who have jowling and either minimal or no neck laxity. You may opt to have a mini face lift over a full face lift and the difference between a facelift and a mini face lift is the length of the incision and the amount of surgery performed on the neck tissues. The mini face lift procedure requires an incision that is placed where the ear interfaces with the plane of the face and extends into the temple a few centimeters and behind into the post-auricular (hidden behind the ear) crease.

Recovering From a Mini Face Lift Surgery

Having surgery of any kind can be a very daunting experience, you may feel unsure of what to expect after the surgery has finished. Recovery after the mini face lift takes about one week. You may experience some bruising and swelling, and the skin may feel tight or numb. Any discomfort that you may experience usually fades quickly and can be controlled with medication. One week after your surgery, the stitches are removed and you can return to work. If you feel up to doing exercise or you want to keep up with your routine then light exercise may also be carried on with after one week, though more strenuous exercise will need to be postponed for about two weeks.

A Mini Face Lift would give you results that can last for a long period, you can be sure that you will be really pleased with the results. The surgical procedure and the recovery period will be minimal for the price of a youthful new look and huge boost in your self-esteem. You will have the confidence to show off your new look to your friends and family and no doubt they will be impressed.