What Is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) refers to a hybrid therapy that provides fast results by combining hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, psychotherapy, and cognitive behavior therapy. Besides incorporating traditional hypnosis, RTT involves diagnostic tools to achieve desired results with ease. Even though using modern communication tools can influence a positive change, RTT achieves a breakthrough with the use of in-depth hypnosis and advanced tools developed by the renowned hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer.

An RT therapist equipped with the necessary skills and techniques can seamlessly interact with your subconscious mind and fix any problems or issues you want to address. A trained RTT therapist can achieve a breakthrough in a single session, unlike in traditional hypnosis, which can take several sessions and has a lower success rate. The ability of RTT to transmute mental problems relies on numerous layering methods instead of relying on a single methodology. So, the therapist’s experience and skills are essential in rapid transformational therapy’s success.

How does rapid transformational therapy work?

Since we are all different, specific techniques are effective in some people, but not so much in others. Therefore, an RTT therapist will determine what methods are most likely to work for specific clients to achieve desirable results. RTT therapists are trained on how to use the available tools in exploratory and skilled ways, and they also provide after support and guidance to their clients.

In short, RTT offers a wide range of benefits that include:

  •     Boosting confidence and improving communication skills
  •     Healing past traumas
  •     Improving self-perception and self-esteem
  •     Achieving clarity to pursue your set life goals
  •     Healing abuse, e.g., mental, sexual, and physical
  •     Quitting addictions, e.g., Gambling, alcohol, and smoking
  •     Fighting insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety
  •     Helping to stop unhealthy eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle

What happens in an RTT session?

During an RTT session, a therapist will help you uncover and interpret the life events that have been affecting you and then change them. As a result, the RTT session empowers you to control how you see your problem. For instance, if you are addicted to sex, fast foods, alcohol, or smoking, an RTT session can help you know why you have the addiction and, as a result, stop your habits.


A good RTT therapist can change your sleep disorders, anxiety, and panic attacks for good with a technique called “Command Cell Therapy”. On the other hand, the “Role Function” system in RTT identifies and evaluates how you attach yourself to specific issues, thus offering an effective emotional release to detach from mental pain. It is up to your RTT therapist to determine which system to use, depending on the existing condition. Command Cell Therapy (CCT) is the system most often used RTT therapists to help your physical body heal.

A Rapid Transformational Therapy session lasts around 90 minutes. An RTT session cost ranges from £130 to £400 depending on your location, RTT therapist, and your existing condition, among other factors.

Who Is It For?

RTT is recommended for anyone who is seeking relief from their issues. Potential candidates include people with low self-esteem, those abused mentally, physically, or sexually, and people affected by life traumas.