Why Wearing Glasses Is Absolutely No Problem

There are some eye centers near me which often run these humorous campaigns about how wearing glasses ‘is not that bad’ in order to get people to come in and get their eyes tested. Whilst the heart of those ads is in fact humor, there is a greta deal fo truth in what they are saying. I found out that I needed glasses around 7 years ago and I was really not too bothered abut this fact. I appreciate that there are many avenues which you could go down if you do require glasses such as wearing contact lenses or indeed looking at getting laser eye surgery, but for my money there really isn’t a problem with wearing lenses, and here is why.


Wearing glasses does not make you odd or different and the reason why I say that is because there are literally millions of people around the world who wear glasses. Some will wear glasses every day, others when they read, or drive, and it is something which is almost more common than those who do not need glasses. It is impossible t be odd when there are so many people who are the same.

Cool Designs

Now glasses in the 1970s, with the technology that they had at their disposal, those I may very well have had a problem with, the modern design of glasses however are completely different and there are some seriously cool designs and styles which you can find. Further evidence of this can be seen in the fact that there are a great number of people who actually wear glasses when they don’t even need them, simply to look cool. If there are people out there wearing glasses to look cool when they don’t need them, there should be no complaints from those who do in fact need glasses.

Quality of Vision

It is not that the human eyes are worsening through evolution or anything like that, but rather that we are holding ourselves to a higher standard of vision and because of the fact that we are able to ,it makes sense for us all to be able to see the very best that we can. What we have to remember about glasses is that they actually work, and they have the power to take someone with poor vision and enable them to once again see, almost as well as they once could. If the consequence of improving your vision so much is to wear a pair of glasses from time to time then I am all for it.

The complaints around glasses don’t hold the same weight as they used to. People would say that they are not cool, that they are big and clunky or that they cause eyes to get worse. The reality is that they are cool, they are sleek and weightless and they almost always improve eyesight in the person who is using them.

If you need them, then so be it.