Be Prepared Next Father’s Day: Give One Of These Great Gifts


Father’s Day is such a fantastic opportunity to show our dads just how much they mean to us. Perhaps you are feeling stuck for ideas regarding what to give your dad on his special day? Never fear! Here are 5 brilliant gift suggestions to help you to put a smile on his face.

Something hand made

If you are on a budget and you want to show your father how much you love him, one thing that you can do is gift him something unique and hand made. Soy wax candles poured into attractive jars are one lovely idea, but you can hand make anything from Father’s Day cards to chocolates and cakes. Whether you bake your dad some cookies and pack them into an glitzy box, knit him a pair of gloves, or embroider a monogram onto a handkerchief for him, a hand made gift will speak volumes about how much you care for him.

Something classic

When Father’s Day approaches, you can always fall back on old classics such as fragrance, gourmet beer, socks or a packet of your dad’s favourite coffee. If he is a creature of routine, and you know just what he likes when it comes to food, drink or grooming accessories, why not give him a year’s supply of his best loved products?

A flying experience

Give your dad a Father’s Day he will never forget by sending him soaring through the air, high above the earth. A flying lesson gift will be sure to get him feeling exhilarated and very special. These types of experience are also great bonding opportunities, so you could always purchase an experience for two or more people that you (and all of the family perhaps) can share with him.

A cultural day out

If your dad is a culture vulture, you can make Father’s Day fantastic for him by booking him some tickets to an art gallery, a new film or theatre piece that you know he wants to see or something similar.

Some reading material

Whether it is a subscription to a photography magazine that he loves, a novel that you saw him eyeing up in the shops or a book of poetry that you think will touch his heart, giving your dad something to read on Father’s Day will bring him enjoyment for many days to come. Round things off by adding a thoughtful inscription on the first page of any book that you get him so that he remembers you every time that he opens it to read it.

Now you’re all ready for Father’s Day

The list above is bound to have something that your dad will absolutely love in it. Book a flying experience today, or head out to browse the bookshops to find a page turner that will keep him absorbed until the next Father’s Day.