Best wedding invitation cards to send out before the big day

The wedding day is considered to be one of the happiest days for a couple. The mere thought of getting married can really excite a person. However, planning a wedding can make one quite nervous. There are a number of things one has to take into consideration prior to the big day. One of the most overwhelming parts about planning a wedding is handing out the invitation cards. Thoughts start piling up in one’s head like “Who should we give them to?”, “When should we give them?” and “what kind of cards will look most appealing?” After all, it’s your wedding day we’re talking about, and everything should be perfect. So while you’re making other arrangements for your wedding day, make sure you get your hands on the best wedding invitations in order to attract a greater audience.

What are your options?

When it comes to deciding which invitation cards will best suit your wedding, you’ll have a couple of options.

Keep It Simple

For people who are more down to earth who like to keep things simple, prefer a smaller audience, a not so ravishing wedding hall and last but not least, basic invitation cards.

A Trendy Approach

On the other hand, if you’re a perfectionist and want your wedding to be out of the ordinary, you can go for personalized invitation cards. Personalized invitation cards or custom made invitation cards are trending among wedding enthusiasts. Based on what kind of wedding you’re planning, you can have your invitation cards made accordingly.

Party Themed

For instance, if you are planning a formal wedding, it would be better to hand out invitation cards with a formal font with an ample amount of fancy effects. Now, if you’re planning a wedding that includes a dance party as well, you could send out engagement party invitation that are easily accessible in various gift shops. If you’re on a budget and you’re your wallet can’t tolerate fancy gift cards, you can always send invitation cards online. However, accessing such an invitation will be a little problematic for old-timers, which is why you should appropriately decide who can access such invitations.

What’s the best time to hand out wedding invitation cards?

It would be best if you started handing out invitation cards at least a month before the wedding day. The reason for this is because many people might not be in the same country or city where you’ll be planning your wedding. Flights and visas often get delayed, which is why sending out your invitation cards a month early will help your guests plan their travel with ease. However, if you’re not able to send an invitation card to them, try sending them an email or let them know via telephone.

How much will you be paying for wedding invitations?

Wedding cards might not seem like a major expense. After all, they’re just invitations made out of cardboard. However, when it comes to big weddings, the case is somewhat different. Based on how many guests you’ll be inviting, you can estimate your expenses accordingly. If you’re going for the much more expensive invitation cards, you’ll be paying around $4000-$5000 for at least a hundred of the best invitation cards. As mentioned above, you can still cut back on expenses by purchasing less expensive cards that have a basic theme.

What kind of wedding invitation cards are sought-out in the 21st century?

In this day and age, there are various types of wedding invitation cards available on the market today. Based on your preferred wedding, you can go through a wide variety of invitation cards based on your preferences. You can go through some of the types of wedding invitation cards given below and make your decision accordingly.

  1. Cotton based: As the name suggests, these wedding invitation cards are made out of cotton, usually from linters used in cotton. These types of invitation cards are suitable for those people who want their invitation cards to have a strong yet soft touch.
  2. Linen: The linen based invitation cards are made with a blend of high-quality cotton. This gives the invitation cards an elegant and rich look.
  3. The velum: A while back, this material used to be extracted from animal skin. This material is based on a high-quality blend of wood pulp and cotton, giving your invitation cards a frosty look.

Sum Up

Conclusively, a wedding day is undoubtedly one the most important day for couples. Weddings are a one-time thing which is why you should spend your money on this day without holding back your wallet. However, don’t spend carelessly on unnecessary things. Try to get wedding invitation cards that fall within your budget range.