First-anniversary celebration ideas

Three hundred sixty-five days of wedded bliss would have been quite a roller coaster ride for you and your spouse. Standing by each other through the thicks and thins of life, dealing with every issue that life throws at you together and gracefully coming out of every obstacle, together with being in love. You both have together learnt many things about love, life and each other. Which is why first anniversaries or paper anniversaries (as it is called) are an essential milestone in every couple’s life. Needless to even say that it needs to be made memorable. If you are having a hard time deciding what to do on your first anniversary to make it a cherishable one, then don’t worry we have got you covered, folks! Below, we have listed some offbeat yet romantic first-anniversary celebration ideas that are bound to sweep your spouse of his/her feet, for sure. Take some cues and start making necessary arrangements, right away.

  1. Renew Your Vows – Who wouldn’t want to relive his/her wedding day, right? So, what we would suggest you is to go back in time and to renew the vows you had taken this very day, a year ago. You can include some of your loved ones and can book some hotel to execute this plan, smoothly. Make some arrangments regarding the wedding day attire and some food/drinks menu by calling up the hotel, so that your partner can have one hell of a time.
  2. Recreate Your Wedding Cake– Baking brings two people in love, closer together, which is why you and your spouse are sure to enjoy your first anniversary as you both recreate your wedding cake together. Lookup for your wedding cum anniversary cake recipe online over the internet and keep your cake ingredients ready, a day prior. So that you and your partner can start and finish off baking the cake, well on time. Make sure; you have 1 number candle ready to deck up your cake with, in the end.
  3. Take A Second Honeymoon – Cut some slack on your first anniversary and relax a bit as you take a honeymoon, all over again. Decide some romantic destination to spend some quality time with your darling spouse, just like your first honeymoon. Travel is sure to help you and your partner bond well and make some heartwarming memories together. Make sure to prepare the itinerary way ahead of the trip and also make the hotel and flight reservations on time.
  4. Go For A Romantic Night Out– Is there some new place that your spouse has been dying to try out? It’s time to take him/her to that lovely new restaurant to set a romantic date night. Make sure to check the reviews before you visit the place. Order some of your spouse’s favourite courses of the meal for dinner and see your partner get mesmerised to the core. Get sure to dress up in the most stylish/ chic manner and even ask your date, i.e. your spouse to do the way.
  5. Call For A Cozy Night In– If your partner doesn’t much like to go out and spend your time and money at some fancy place, then you can plan to celebrate the first anniversary by staying in with your spouse even. You can schedule a movie marathon with an endless number of great movie options along with your darling spouse as you both get cuddled up in a sofa throw. Or you can even plan a game night with some drinks to celebrate your anniversary in a homely yet cordial manner.

So, what’s your pick for your first-ever anniversary celebrations?