Ways to Make Your Dates Better and Avoid the Friend-zone

Everyone deserves to feel loved. Imagine you have been crushing on the woman of your dreams for years. It really seems that she likes you too but only like a brother. That’s quite annoying, isn’t it?

It’s a dilemma, but don’t worry! We shall soon learn the ways to make your dates better and avoid a one-way ticket to the friend zone.

Friend-zoning is a common relationship problem for many people.

If going on a date with your crush sounds interesting, then please stick around on this page to find the best dating tips.

How to Make Your Dates Better and Avoid a Friendzone

The following 6 tips will help you progress from the friendzone into a far more romantic zone.

  •       Confess Your Feelings. Don’t Be Shy!

If you feel like your heart is craving for her soul, then you have got to tell her. Muster up the courage and let her know just how much want to love her as a girlfriend.

Assuming you met each other on a dating site such as HappyMatches.com, don’t make it a normal conversation.

Keep your language sweet, and let her know you want to go on a date with her.

 The longer you hide your feelings, the more she’ll see your relationship only as friends with benefits (FWB).

Following the wrong FWB rules can cost you your potential future wife.

  •       Text Less; Talk More

Actions speak louder than words. Phone calls also speak louder than texts.

If you call her on the phone, the message becomes personal and meaningful.

Besides, she will quickly get the message that you’re really into her, far more clearly than if you only text her.

  •       Mind Your Language

If you’d really love to go on a date with a lady, the tone of your language will make the difference.

Most girls love to hear nice things. So, when you’re infatuated with her, let your language reflect your feelings.

Don’t be afraid to be a little naughty when you’re complimenting her. Some girls love to hear dirty talk.

  •       Don’t Be Boring

Boring guys completely turn off many classy ladies. Real ladies love guys who are confident, hilarious, and engaging.

Want to date her? Then you’ve got to know how to crack some jokes. Make her experience full of fun and laughter anytime she spends some time with you.

  •       Buy Gifts for Her

Money talks!

Don’t be tight-fisted when you’re eager to go on a date with a beautiful lady. Surprise her by buying her gifts such as watches, a pair of shoes or a designer handbag, etc.

A thoughtful gift, irrespective of its size, can help you to easily win the heart of a woman, since it makes you look like a caring person.


Most guys want to break away from the shackles of friend-zoning, so that they can move in for a more serious romantic date with their crushes.

That said, your dreams of spending a sweet romantic night with your crush will never come to pass if you don’t work for it.

To avoid friend-zoning, leave your timidity behind. Make a quantum leap forward from zero to hero. Using the techniques we’ve given you, you’ll surely find a date with a cutie.