3 Options To Get Rid Of Items You Don’t Want To Move

Moving is always an opportunity to get rid of things that have been hanging around for a while. It’s not unusual to stash things that might have a use some day only to find that they never got used. Instead of trying to find a use for them in the new place, get rid of them. Be it recycling, throwing out, or selling, you can get rid of stuff and get it into the hands of those who have a need for your unwanted items. Following are three options to get rid of stuff you don’t want to take with you.

Getting Rid of Lightbulbs


Fluorescent light bulbs are rapidly losing ground to the LED bulb as prices drop on their manufacture. While fluorescent bulbs did a good job of illuminating a room for less money than a traditional incandescent bulb, they still had the nuisance of proper disposal. Chances are you now have a mix of LED and fluorescent bulbs in your light fixtures along with spare fluorescent bulbs. Take the LEDs and replace them with your spare fluorescent. Or take the steps to dispose of extra fluorescent bulbs properly and keep them out of the landfill.

Sell Unwanted Kitchen Appliances

Have you found yourself falling in love with a quirky kitchen gadget only to use it once or twice, and then put it away? Don’t take them with you as they’ll only gather dust in the new residence. There’s a good chance someone else will fall in love with your kitchen items if you put them up for sale. When it comes to kitchen gadgets, don’t sell them on eBay as shipping is expensive for heavier items. Set up a yard sale or put an ad on Craigslist and make sure to list items as-is in either setting. Using the language as-is lets buyers know that the item may not be perfect and there are no refunds in the event something’s not to their liking.

Clean out Your Closets

Clothing has a way of sneaking up on you and stuffing your closets full. And it’s not always obvious until you go to clean things out in anticipation of a move. With clothes, you have the option of taking with, donating, or selling. In the event you want to donate your old clothes, you can turn them into a tax write-off for the next tax season. If you don’t want to go the donation route, get some money back via a yard sale. A yard sale offers the opportunity to recycle your clothes into someone else’s closet and earn some money that you can use towards moving expenses.

Don’t feel like you need to take everything with you when you move. There’s no shame in admitting you have too much of something, and it’s time to start fresh. Moving to a new place also means a fresh start and the opportunity to control what you bring in through the front door now and in the future.